Now that the cold season is here it does not meant that you have to be out of style. Converse made sure that their fans have some alternatives this season to rock their sneakers while staying dry and warm. This year's styles brand have introduced before, they are proven hits so you can make up your choice with ease. These Hi Top Converse sneakers are versions of the classic silhouette that only adds to its versatility.

Converse Chuck Taylor Quilted  Style 151936C

Converse Chuck Taylor Quilted Style 151936C

The quilted upper Chuck Taylors are back this year with the same overall construction that made them such a hit before. The interior extended wool lining provide extra warmth while the upper quilted nylon and the medial eyelets repel water to keep you dry. There is also a low top version of this style available in red for those feeling more "adventurous " in the cold.

Converse Chuck Taylor Street Hiker style 149384C

converse hiker

The Converse Chuck Taylor Street Hiker are a must have for the winter ahead if you still want to look fly in the cold. The construction of this style is based on reinforcing the key features of the Chuck Taylors to protect and provide warmth when needed. The vulcanized sole with toe cap is oversized for added protection in wet conditions while the waterproof leather upper serves as a shield against the cold. The metal eyelets with contrast add style to the Street Hiker while giving it a boot look alike vibe.

Converse All Star Woolrich style 149456C

converse woolrich

The Converse Woolrich collaboration started 5 years ago and it resulted in yet another successful line of shoes for the brand. Year after year when winter comes around  this style is being reintroduced and their popularity only grows.  The warmth and protection the Woolrich fabric provides is a great match for the classic Chuck Taylors. This year a variety of plaid patterns were preferred, keeping them in line with the current fashion trends.

Converse Chuck Taylor Sherpa City Hiker

Converse Chuck Taylor Sherpa City Hiker

The City Hiker is one of the styles that we hope to see back each year, mainly to its cools looks but also for its signature sherpa lining. This makes it one of the warmest among the ones on this list, even if the upper is man made leather. The contrast outsole is shaped for maximum traction in the snow, on ice or wherever you'll be hanging out this winter.

Converse All Star Hi Top Leather

converse hi top leather

The classic Hi Top Chuck Taylor leather upper could not miss from this list. While they are available throughout the year, the winter editions make the most of their features.  The soft leather upper provide the protection and durability needed in the cold. The monochrome versions available this year are great for those looking for a low key classic look. Available in black and white.

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