Some fresh new styles have been added to the adidas Hemp shoes series this year, among them the Campus 2 sneaker taking taking the spotlight. The popular classic shoe from the 80's is making a strong comeback this year and its hemp edition is one of the most exciting ones. There are very few well-known brands that have ben taken the challenge of using this popular fabric for their shoes but it seem like the adidas retro sneakers are a perfect match for using hemp.That could be because of the hemp's quality of conserving its shape and its vintage vibe. If in the previous years the Superstar was the preferred style for this line, in 2015 adidas introduces 2 more sneakers- the Campus 2 and Seeley.

We grabbed the two colorways for the first style and witnessed the quality these have. Hemp is well known for its durability, outlasting by years many of the other textiles used for shoes. While at first they seem a bit rigid it's expected to soften over time as this textile wears in, not out. This makes them to hold their shape for a longer time. For retro shoes like Campus and Seeley from adidas this is a feature that is very well welcomed. In many ways Campus and Superstar are similar so this new collection is poised to be at least as successful as the ones in the previous years. The monochrome edition of these adidas hemp shoes is for those looking for something easier to match with their attire and the the navy with contrast white is perfect to show your retro style. Comfortable, durable and eco-conscious, these adidas hemp shoes are one of the highlights of the season.

Update: For the 2017 adidas will be releasing a new hemp version of the adidas Bucktown.

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