The Reebok ZJet Soul Running Shoes is one of the latest of this series and now you can get them on sale, including this black version. Especially ever since it was acquired by adidas, the Reebok brand has been trying to catch up to its competitors by coming up with attractive running shoes styles featuring new, modern technologies. For those who tried these new styles the response was mostly positive, the Reebok running shoes offering a good value for the money. This is also the case for the Reebok ZJet Soul running shoes that are even more tempting at this new, reduced price.

The upper feature a smooth , seamless mesh that blends with the neoprene materials for a perfect fit. The midsole features the signature JetFuse technology, featuring individual air chambers throughout the midsole that deliver the much needed cushioning and support for long runs. There are two other versions of this shoe, also on sale, in case you're not into these black ones. This is the best time of the year to get these, at an ubeatable price!

Style#V66271 BLK

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