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The adidas Stan Smith are one the best selling styles in the history of the german manufacturer . They were named after the tennis player in 1971 at the height of his career but the shoe was actually created eight years earlier. In fact, they were first made in honor of another popular tennis player at the time, French star, Robert Haillet. The shoes have been particularly revered for its simple, leather construction, comfortable fit and advanced herringbone pattern, which helped provide superior traction on the court. Its most prominent, unique feature is the perforated adidas side stripes. With the retirement of Stan Smith in the mid-1980s, its popularity continued to climb but eventually came to a standstill somewhere between the 1990s and 2000s. It seemed done and dusted when Adidas removed it from the shelves in 2012. But, after an aggressive social media campaign accompanied its relaunch in 2014, adidas Stan Smith shoes have retaken the spotlight as a cultural classic.

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