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The adidas Superstar shoes were initially released in 1969 as a low basketball shoe and soon after caught the attention of the professional basketball players. A few years after its release it was worn by a majority of NBA players. At that time the technology used to build the shoe was considered a revolutionary one, made to serve the needs of the athletes on the court. By 1983 the mens adidas Superstar sneakers have started to become an iconic urban street-wear legend. A big role in this trend was the one of the RUN DMC rap group that make this shoe an important piece of their non-comformist apparel. The rubber shelltoe and sole, the iconic stripes and logos on the tongue and heel patch make the  silhouette of the mens adidas Superstar sneakers a distinct one among all other retro shoes. Typically made of leather upper, this adidas shoe has been released in various versions since its original release but the design is very close to the 1969 version. With new generations embracing this legend year after year, we can only believe that the mens adidas Superstar sneakers will continue to stay relevant for years to come.
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