asics gel-saga sneakers

Every brand has at least one signature piece that becomes a favorite of the masses and flagship product and men’s ASICS Gel Saga sneakers are a perfect example of that. For  the enduring running shoes Japanese brand, it just happens another style of their renowned Gel series . Proof of this lies in the Men’s ASICS Gel Saga achieving the status of a cult classic among sneaker lovers. It has remained a forerunner for the brand too, gaining the reputation of being classic and stylish. Seen as an authentic old school masterpiece, the Gel Saga has assisted ASICS in further establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes on to running shoes.
The Men’s ASICS Gel Saga were quickly accepted among well known athletes in their community when it saw the light of day in 1990. It signified a new level of performance achieved by ASICS since the company transitioned from making Onitsuka Tiger kicks in the late 1970s. The Saga was built on the development of the company’s new Gel technology at the time, which gained prominence in 1987. The platform introduced a superior form of cushioning at the time. ASICS Gel sneakers, including the Saga gained recognition in the industry as a result. The Saga is differentiated by a more conventional construction, compared to the Gel Lyte, which has its tongue split.
ASICS revolutionary Gel technology still plays a big part in the construction of the Men’s ASICS Gel Saga, resulting in a comfortable, shock-absorber shoe. The inner gel sole is backed up by a springy EVA midsole and rubber outsole, all of which are geared towards a pleasurable running experience second to none. The upper will feel different depending on what is needed. The two options for the Saga are a traditional mesh material or suede. Like other shoes from the brand, the hex pattern of ASICS’ logo is also a standout feature that adds to the sneaker’s aesthetic appeal.
With a re-release of the Gel Saga in 2011, the shoe has continued to fly ASICS’ flag high. It is viewed by many as a collector’s item and is constantly being added to with brand new color ways. Its reputation as a retro classic continues to gain further foothold.