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In the past several years we’ve seen more and more collaborations between Marvel and DC Comics with brands like Converse or Vans that resulted in some memorable comic shoes. In late 2010 DC Comics joined forces with Converse to create a one of a kind collection featuring superheroes in action printed on the legendary Chuck Taylor upper canvas. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman found another way to win more fans as the collection enjoyed major success.  Every year new editions are released, including many other characters like The Joker, Harley Quinn or Green Arrow, among many others. In 2013 Vans followed with a collaboration with Marvel, the other comics powerhouse. The Marvel Avengers included heroes such as Spiderman, Capitan America, Thor and Hulk on Vans’s classics styes such as the Era, Authentic, Slip on or the SK8. Many other brands have started collaborations to create comics shoes but so far the above collections have been the most successful.

Vans Marvel Comics Skate Shoe

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If you're into Comics themed shoes or collectibles, the Vans Marvel Comics skate shoe, originally introduced in 2013, is back for a very limited time in a few sizes. It seems like Journeys has been cleaning up their closed this week and some old style surfaced once again.

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