Nike Air Foamposite One

The Nike Foamposite was first released in 1997 in two versions, One and Pro, both being designed by Eric Avar. The difference between the two is mainly the branding, the One having just a small Nike swoosh compared to the bigger one on the Pro. The Nike Foamposite One is the unofficial signature sneaker of Penny Hardaway, even if initially it was designed for Scottie Pippen. Its construction is one of a kind and somehow it still looks futuristic 20 years later. The upper molded foam design was inspired by exoskeleton of the beetle insect and it was quite a challenge even for Nike to finalize it. The Nike Foamposite retroed for the first time in 2001. Its sales have been up and down over the years until 2012 when the “Galaxy” Foamposite One was released. The hype surrounding this edition gave a huge boost to this sneaker that is selling out every edition since then within hours.