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For several years it has became a common occurrence to see new Vans Collaboration shoes being released, featuring the brand’s classic sneakers customized in new, innovative ways. Since its early days in the 60’s the California footwear brand was making custom shoes for the nearby Disneyland employees, setting the field for the collaboration that were to follow not long after. The collaboration between Vans and Disney gave birth to some remarkable collections, the latest being released in 2015. Along the same lines there were the Vans Toy Story, Vans Marvel or Vans Star wars collections. Vans is also known to celebrate rock bands: Slayer, Metallica and Beatles being just a few among many special editions. Just recently Vans started a collaboration with ASPCA, resulting not only some one of the kind Vans collaboration shoes but also contributing to the association with parts of the sales being donated for the cause.

Vans Disney Shoes Collection

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This year’s edition of the Vans Disney shoes in 2015, named “Young at Heart" was released in June and it is the most elaborate so far of the collaboration between the two giants. It comes at time when Disney and Vans celebrate decades of existence, 60 years and 50 respectively.

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Vans Marvel Comics Skate Shoe

By |2020-08-20T10:09:51-05:00April 27th, 2015|Sneaker Deals, Vans|

If you're into Comics themed shoes or collectibles, the Vans Marvel Comics skate shoe, originally introduced in 2013, is back for a very limited time in a few sizes. It seems like Journeys has been cleaning up their closed this week and some old style surfaced once again.

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