One of Nike’s classic kicks from the 90s, the Nike Huarache sneakers are one of the most eye-catching of the brand which gains new followers with every re-issue. Built with a futuristic style and comfort, they have remained a fashion symbol over the years, resulting in numerous color ways and arrangements. These sneakers  leave nothing understated, promoting an air of abnormal coolness while being durable and rich with cushioning at the same time.


The Nike Huarache hit the streets in 1991 during a period when several iconic shoes were being released by the brand. It is said that there was resistance to its production due to it being markedly different from other athletic shoes at the time. While many hit the mainstream due to their bulky look, the Huarache became popular due to its distinctive features.

The basketball sneaker combined fresh color pairings and daring cuts in the upper, along with a chunky midsole enhanced by Nike’s Air technology. In 1992, the shoe hit a new high due to its popularity with an elite squad of college players. Overtime, the futuristic sneakers have remained popular due to their unique but stylish looks.


Designed by top Nike designer, Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Huarache sneakers were deliberately made to be distinctively unlike any other shoe made by the brand. To begin with, the colors chosen for each color way are intended to provide rich accenting, pulling the eyes. Additionally, the angular cuts of the upper, which consists of exposed neoprene, flexible mesh and suave leather, were offset by a thick strap of rubber around the heel. This heel strap served two purposes; as reinforcement for the heel counter and ankles, as well as a decorative addition that gave the shoe’s aesthetics added dimension.

Inside the shoe, the pumped up midsole provides a ride and fit that not only protects the feet but gives a boost to the step. Thick rubber on the outsole completes the compact look.


24 years after its initial release, the Nike Huarache sneakers have easily crafted its spot among classic styles due to its signature look. Its popularity is not expected to let up any time soon.

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