Timberland Men’s Boots are among a select few that many people turn to as winter approaches, although they are well established with the masses as iconic footwear for all seasons. With the 2015 winter season getting closer, the brand is once again commanding its share of the spotlight with its dazzling array of rugged but comfortable and durable all terrain shoes.

Built on a tradition of high performance luxury, these boots are designed to take its owner through the roughest landscapes and most extreme weather conditions while remaining fashionable and maintaining their form. It is little wonder why the signature trekker has adorned the closet of many men from vastly different backgrounds and disparate locations around the world.


Although Timberland Men’s Boots were not recognized by that name until 1973, the brand’s history goes as far back as 1918 when its founder, Nathan Swartz, started working as an apprentice boot stitcher at the Abington Shoe Company in Massachusetts. Swartz’s storybook success saw him moving up the ranks to first become part owner of that company to finally owning it by 1955. Ten years later, as the company set out to make its shoes identifiable among the existing competition, injection-molding technology was discovered and introduced in a new shoe that redefined how men wore boots.

This new breakthrough solved an age-old problem of not being able to protect the feet from wet conditions. It involved the fusing of a sturdy, leather upper with an advanced shoe sole, resulting in a fully waterproof boot that could handle weather extremes and rough terrains while providing superior protection for the feet. Word quickly spread about the capabilities of this new boot, which became known as Timberland and, in 1978, the company had no choice but to change their name to the same.

The development of new technologies and creation of advanced materials have assisted in the diversification of Timberland Men’s Boots over the years. As such, in addition to the classic work boot that emerged from the early days, the brand has churned out a number of eye-catching boots that can easily double as hardy, protective, off-roading work boots or as rugged but casually impressive kicks.


Easily identifiable due to their unique and classy designs, Timberland Men’s Boots are now available in a wide array of styles and colors to match the discriminating tastes of different kinds of people. To begin with, the traditional 6 inch high boot has been revamped several times to produce offspring such as the Icon Boot, the Euro Hiker Boot, the Britton Hill Boot, Classic Jacquard Boot, and Newmarket Boot. On the lower end of the scale, Timberland has further distinguished itself from other work boots with their stylishly innovative and versatile Roll Top Boots, Euro Rip Boots, and Campsite Boots.

All these styles and designs feature the latest upgrades in footwear technology, including full grain waterproof leather, seam-sealed construction, PrimaLoft insulation for enhanced comfort and EVA midsoles. In addition, the brand has embraced ‘green’ technology with environmentally-friendly but durable rubber outsoles, and laces made from recycled plastic bottles.

This Winter

Whether it is for a trek in the woods, ploughing through the snow or just a casual stroll in the town, you can experience ultimate comfort and style in a Timberland Men’s Boot. The line offers you the chance to conquer the cold without compromising on your appearance.

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