adidas Shoes Size Conversion Chart

A Bathing Ape, affectionately known as BAPE, emerged in 1993 as a trailblazing force in Japanese fashion, founded by former pop star and DJ Tomoaki Nagao, universally recognized as Nigo. Born from the underground Harajuku scene in Tokyo, BAPE quickly gained global recognition for its unique aesthetic, with a special emphasis on sneakers. Collaborations with iconic brands such as Comme des Garçons, Stüssy, Timberland, and Supreme propelled BAPE into the forefront of streetwear. In this article we’ll get into some aspects regarding some of the most popular models, the size chart for the brand and how they fit in general.

Different A Bathing Ape Shoes Styles

Road Sta

The Road Sta, introduced in 2002, is a pinnacle of BAPE’s sneaker collection. With an air capsule cushioning for performance and vibrant designs, these sneakers are a must-have for those seeking a bold and nostalgic style.

  • How They Fit: The Road Sta sneakers follow US sizing, and it’s advisable to check your size and convert accordingly. If you have wider feet, consider going up half a size for extra room.

Skull Sta M1

The Skull Sta M1 is BAPE’s take on adidas’ shell toes, featuring an all-black leather upper with contrasting white accents. This design is a hit for its understated yet impactful look.

  • How They Fit: The Skull Sta M1 sneakers fit true to size, making them a versatile choice for street-ready looks.

Sta Low M2 It

The Sta Low M2 It is BAPE’s most famous silhouette since its inception in 2000, characterized by star patches on either side. This low-top pair, with its distinctive brand codes, is a crowd-pleaser for any season.

  • How They Fit: Following US sizing, the Sta Low M2 It sneakers generally fit true to size. The green colorway is particularly hyped, and styling suggestions include inspiration from American brands for a contemporary look.

Sta Low #4 M2

A timeless classic, the Sta Low #4 M2 is an update on the original Sta with a matte finish. This black and white color-block design is versatile and complements various styles.

  • How They Fit: These sneakers run in US sizing, and they generally fit true to size. The black and white color scheme makes them adaptable for any wardrobe.

How They Fit

Understanding BAPE’s shoe sizing is crucial for the perfect fit. BAPE’s shoe sizing is generally true to size, but it’s essential to note that some items, such as certain models, may run small. Consider sizing up for a more comfortable fit, especially if you prefer a relaxed feel or have a broader build. For shoes like trousers and sweatpants, sticking to your normal size is usually a safe bet. Checking the size chart is a must to begin with.

Are They Comfortable?

BAPE sneakers are known for their comfort and unique designs. While individual preferences may vary, the brand has garnered a reputation for delivering comfortable footwear. The iconic styles, such as the Road Sta and Skull Sta M1, are crafted for both style and performance.

How to Clean A Bathing Ape Shoes?

Maintaining the fresh look of your BAPE shoes is essential for their longevity. To clean mud or grass stains, use a soft bristle brush with warm soapy water. Storing your BAPE sneakers in their original shoe box can help preserve their appearance for an extended period.

Worth the Investment?

Considered one of the most iconic names in streetwear, A Bathing Ape is a brand that has stood the test of time. With its unique designs, limited releases, and collaborations, BAPE items often become collector’s pieces. While the initial investment may be higher, the exclusivity and quality make it worthwhile for many enthusiasts.

In conclusion, whether you’re drawn to the nostalgic allure of the Road Sta, the understated coolness of the Skull Sta M1, or the timeless appeal of the Sta Low M2 It and Sta Low #4 M2, BAPE sneakers offer a distinctive style statement. Understanding the sizing, embracing the comfort, and taking care of your BAPE shoes will ensure that they become a prized addition to your streetwear collection. But before getting your pair do not forget to check out the size chart for the brand.