This week we crossed paths with a pair of Adidas Kaptir 3.0 so we could not miss the chance to have a closer look and review its design. The Kaptir series is one that debuted a few years back as a budget friendly all around sneaker. While there isn’t much hype around it it made some fans so much so that Adidas decided to follow up with more improved versions. The shoes in this series have a modern look with a slip on design and with bold adidas graphics. The 2023 version is part of the brand’s campaign to help end plastic waste which is reflected in the materials used to build it. 

How They Fit 

The version we came across was the wonder beige colorway, one of the first released for this edition of the shoe. Out of the eco-friendly box the shoes look sleek and modern. They are quite lightweight, with a size 10.5 for men weighing just under 12oz. This pair is made of at least 50% recycled content and you can feel it right away. It has a bit of a rough feel, it made me think that it was hemp at first. They fit true to size with plenty of room in the forefoot area. However, getting these on may be a challenge for those with high arches, at least at first. The shoe is built to fit like a sock and the laces are more for decoration.

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adidas Walking Shoes3


The upper of the adidas Kaptir is made of a seamless mesh material which molds nicely to your feet. Once you slip in these they feel very comfortable with no need to break them in. Adidas updated the design of the lacing system but overall the 3.0 version is very much the same as its predecessor. Unless you have narrow feet you’ll likely not use the laces much. The upper provides decent breathability and it seems pretty durable. There is little padding around the heel area which adds to the comfort of this shoe. While we did this adidas Kaptir 3.0 review we took them out to the gym and found it to perform pretty well as long as the exercises were not intense. They are designed as a casual everyday shoe but they are quite versatile when it comes to light athletic activities.  

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Sole Unit 

The sole unit features a rubber midsole with an Cloudfoam EVA insole on top. The Cloudfoam is known for being lightweight and for its decent cushioning. However, it is not as performant as others from Adidas. It works just fine for a pair of walking shoes, however. It provides good arch support and comfort when wearing them all day which is what you want from this type of shoe. The outsole has a couple of areas where a more durable rubber was added but for the most part the Cloudfoam is exposed.

Are Adidas Kaptir 3.0 Good for Running?

The adidas Kaptir 3.0 is more suited for casual everyday use and light athletic activities rather than intense running. The Cloudfoam technology present in the insole, known for its lightweight cushioning, is suitable for walking but may lack the support needed for long runs. Therefore, if you are specifically looking for running shoes, you might want to explore models from Adidas’ running shoe line that are designed with features optimized for running performance.

Are Adidas Kaptir 3.0 Comfortable?

The Adidas Kaptir 3.0 are very comfortable. The seamless mesh upper molds nicely to the feet, providing immediate comfort without the need for a break-in period. The slip-on design and the updated lacing system contribute to the overall comfort, making it a shoe suitable for everyday wear. The Cloudfoam midsole, although not as performant as others from Adidas, provides good arch support and comfort for all-day wear.

Bottom Line 

To conclude our adidas Kaptir 3.0 review, these are a decent pair of every day sneakers. The $90 retail price seems a bit much for me but the good news is that you can find it on sale nowadays, at least for some colorways. It is a stylish, comfortable shoe that you can wear around all day. It is not a shoe for intense activities as it lacks support for long runs and it may come apart easily. The modern design surely makes up for the quality of the materials, making it a shoe worth trying as long as you can score it on sale. It is a great alternative to the New Balance Fresh Foam ROAV or the Nike Waffle Debut, both being in the same price range.