Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II is one of the most popular hiking boots from the brand making it well worthy of a review this week. If you have been looking around for some affordable hiking boots you certainly came across these. They are in the same league as the Timberland White Ledge and Mt Maddsen, with a slightly lower price point. They have similar features as the others so you may be wondering which one to get. It all comes down to what you’ll be using these for. If you are looking for some hiking boots to hit the trails occasionally, wear them casually or even at work in case you do not need much toe protection these may be a good fit for you. As with the other boots mentioned above these aim to offer a good value for a low price. They are classic boots with no major new technologies involved so avid hikers may feel let down as they naturally compare them with the much more expensive models available on the market. They are very comfortable as you put them on, with no significant need to break them in. 

How They Fit 

For this review we got the version of the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II with suede and leather upper in wheat and red colors which look pretty dashing out of the box. Size 12 weighs just over 21 oz which is not too bad for this type of boots. They fit true to size with an accommodating toe box. The upper leather is pretty thin which makes them easy to mold on your feet if needed. As with the other boots going a half size up is recommended if you’re using these primarily for hiking. When going down the heel this will help from having your toes hit the front of the shoe bump. Wide sizes are available for those that need them.

Columbia Hiking Boots Wheat Newton4

Columbia Hiking Boots Wheat Newton3


The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II is available in a few versions that feature PU treated leather, suede or a combination of the two. The boots are advertised as being waterproof so the leather has been treated with a thin polyurethane layer in addition to the Omni Tech waterproof membrane on the inner of the boots. One of the first things we noticed while we did this Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II review was how thin the leather was compared to other similar models. As we tried them on wet grass they did a good job in keeping the moisture away. However, when submerged in water they did not do that well. Overall they seemed like they offer a bit more waterproofing than your regular leather sneakers. When it comes to breathability, as expected they did not excel in this department so it’s best to avoid wearing them in warm weather. In this regard the Merrell Moab 3 Mid boots is is a better alternative. 

The upper features the classic padding around the heel and tongue which combined with the removable EVA insert they create a nice, cushy feeling as you put these on. The heel counter is the stiffer part of this shoe as it should be for good stability. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II features a soft Techlite midsole and an Omni-Grip rubber outsole. These are proprietary Columbia technologies that are very similar to the ones we’ve seen the Timberland models. The sole is designed to give you a boost on your hikes and keep the feet from getting tired too fast. They do a great job in this regard, being very comfortable and providing great traction. They are very flexible as they do not have a TPU shaft in the midsole and they still provide good stability. The outsole lugs are very large yet not too hard so you won’t feel any small bumps on the trail. They do wear out pretty fast, however, so if you are a person that hikes a lot these may not last that long. On the flipside, if you buy these as an all around boot that you can wear casually, at work and only hike casually they provide a good value for your money. 

Columbia Hiking Boots Wheat Newton1

Columbia Hiking Boots Wheat Newton2

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II vs Timberland White Ledge 

These two models have a lot of similarities and they have a close retail price point, with the Timberland being $20 more expensive. When choosing between these two it comes down to your budget but also to what you intend to use these for. If you want a pair of boots that you can wear in construction, landscaping or in general one that you can roughen up a bit and use extensively, the White Ledge is a better choice. However, if you need a pair of hiking boots in your rotation to have handy whenever you need a pair whether to wear it casually or on the trails getting the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II makes more sense, especially because it will not cost as much.

Are Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Good for Work?

If you need to stand for long hours at work and you do not need much toe protection the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II can be a great choice for you. They provide excellent comfort and arch support with a good grip and traction on all types of surfaces. However, if you work in construction, landscaping or you need some serious foot protection these may not be for you. While providing excellent comfort at first, after a while of extensive use in rough condition they will wear out fast, thus not getting your money’s worth. 

Bottom Line 

To wrap up our Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II review, these are a great budget option for those looking for a pair of hiking boots in their rotation. They are very stylish, comfortable and they offer excellent support for long hours. However , they are not are not for the heavy user in construction, landscaping or the avid hiker as they will wear out pretty fast. They offer an excellent value for their $100 retail price and even better, they can often be found on sale. 

There are several versions available in the Newton Ridge line of boots, including some women’s versions that are very popular.