Indoor soccer, commonly called Futsal, is a sport on the rise and so is the number of shoes being made to play it. The Joma Dribling Indoor soccer shoe has been warmly received by the footballing community worldwide and for good reasons. Focusing on breathability, flexibility, and durability, the shoe is built for players who love fancy footwork in their game and is fast becoming a favorite for many.


Joma is among the top providers of indoor soccer footwear, developing several models for the 5-a-side game. However, with dribbling skills being a main feature of playing, the company designed a shoe that offered more support and control to players. The result is the Joma Dribling futsal shoe, which is made to be lightweight yet strong and featuring numerous colorways and durable materials.

Over time, the indoor soccer shoe has managed to develop a reputation for comfort, beauty and precision on the field. What’s more, the stylish sneakers are not only a hit on the park but are also hot on the streets.


A modern piece of footwear in every way, Joma Dribling Futsal shoes come with a number of design elements that instantly set it apart. You can tell that a lot of thought and craftsmanship has been put into the shoe just by how it looks and feels.

To begin with, the sculpted forefoot allows you to feel more sure-footed while playing, and new sport footwear technologies, such as Fibratec, conform better to the shape of your feet. An array of double stitches on the upper, provide reinforcement while mesh allows the feet to breathe.

The insole is made of EVA foam and build in mesh for comfort while the midsole  has a stabilizer built in named “Estabilizator” .Additionally, you can be sure of superior grip and traction on the field as you run and dribble because the sole consists of triple density rubber material that is further enhanced in the heel and the middle.

All of the above technologies blend in masterfully in a good looking shoe, with colorful accents highlighting its silhouette.


Joma Dribling is an affordable indoor soccer shoe that is gaining popularity, being packed with features that will take your game to the next level. If you’re serious about bringing you’re A-game at indoor soccer matches or if you just want to look cool in a simple but eye-catching, low profile shoe, the Joma Dribling is more than worth a try.