Year 2023 brought us several new Jordan styles, including the Aura 5 that we decided to feature in our review section this week. Now at its fifth edition, the Jordan Aura is one of the longest series of hybrid sneakers from the brand, followed by the Loyal series.  These are sneakers that combine elements of the Air Jordan retro line to come up with new takes on some of the most popular models. Moreover, these models come at a much lower price than the retros, which is a big plus for many who like them but they are not necessarily sneakerheads that go by the hype. If up until now the Aura series drew a lot of inspiration from the AJ11, this new edition of this shoe is more of a AJ2 and AJ3 combination. It is a fresh new look that is already drawing attention. 

Are Jordan Aura shoes popular?

The Jordan Aura sneakers are not popular among sneakerheads as there is little to no hype around their release. However, this can be said about almost any other Jordan sneaker other than the first fourteen from the retro line. In the past few years they’ve been gaining some popularity (thus a new edition released every year) as a lifestyle sneaker for many on a budget that still look for a versatile sneaker with retro vibes. It is a great shoe to turn into a “beater” or a school shoe given that it is very comfortable, durable and can be used occasionally on the court. 

How They Fit 

For me , having slightly wider feet the Jordan Aura 5 runs a bit small so I ended up going a half size up. Those with narrow feet would be probably fine with just their normal size, however. The toe box is quite accommodating and after some break in period they get even better in terms of comfort. If you are not sure about your Jordan size you can check out our size chart here.

Jordan Aura 5 review 1

Jordan Aura 5 black red 2


The upper of the Jordan Aura 5 is made of thumbled leather with an overall silhouette that reminds me of the AJ2. There are plenty of perforations in the toe box which provide good air flow given they are made of leather. Even so, this is clearly a shoe that you want to wear in the spring or fall to get the most out of it. The tongue has plenty of padding which goes great with the ankle area and the EVA insert to create a plushy feeling when you put them on. The lacing eyelets design was inspired from the AJ3 , more specifically the lower part of this shoe. For the Aura 5 this is however the only lacing system to use which I must say looks interesting but it is also its weakness. While I did this review the laces came undone a few times and also the shoes did not feel very well locked in. While wearing these casually it would not be a problem but on the basketball court that is quite a drawback for sure.

Jordan Aura 5 black red 5

Jordan Aura 5 black red 1

Sole Unit

The sole unit features the standard combination of the Air Max unit in the heel and the EVA midsole one that works great for athletic, everyday sneakers. They feature a sturdy plastic heel that was inspired from the AJ3 which adds some nice stability to the shoe. They have a smooth heel to toe transition that will keep your feet comfortable and rested throughout the day. The outsole design once again recommends these just for daily use rather than playing basketball. I did not test these on the court for this Jordan Aura 5 review but it’s pretty clear where they shine the most.

Jordan Aura 5 black red 4

Jordan Aura 5 black red 3

Are Jordan Aura 5 basketball shoes? 

The Jordan Aura 5 are not performance basketball shoes by today’s standards. They were designed as daily sneakers . Playing basketball with them is just part of their versatility and heritage. They will do well on the basketball court if used occasionally, but they lack proper lockdown, even compared to the retros they were inspired from. The outsole also does not provide great traction, especially in indoor courts. 

Bottom Line 

To wrap it up, the Jordan Aura 5 is a nice addition to the series, even if its price went up to $130 this year. Thankfully they can be found on sale for $15-$20 less which is a more fair price in my opinion. It is a nice shoe to wear casually if you want to sport some retro looks without destroying your collectible/more expensive sneakers. They are very comfortable, durable and stylish while being quite versatile.