Here we review and take a look at the all-new Jordan Zoom ’92 and how this sneaker is seemingly reminiscent of many iconic silhouettes within the Jordan and Nike locker. This shoes is taking inspiration from several celebrated sneakers in the past, like the Jumpman Pro ,the Air Jordan 7, the Air Max 180 and the Air Force 5. The question is then, can the Jordan Zoom ’92 live up to the expectation and fulfil the legacy?

At first glance, the shoe looks to be a hybrid between retro and modern models. That is always a tricky task to pull off and we have seen sneakers in the past from Nike which have tried and failed miserably. The Jordan Zoom ’92 however seems to have hit the sweet spot. Especially with the ‘Sail’ colourway, which features a very 90’s colour pallet of electric green and crimson red.

Jordan Zoom 92 Review

Jordan Zoom 92 black crimson4

Jordan Zoom 92 black crimson6


Regular readers of our reviews will no doubt know that we value sneakers that offer a mix of materials on the upper. It creates a premium feel to the shoe and can effortlessly improve the aesthetic. With this being said, the Jordan Zoom ’92 upper boasts premium soft buttery leather, perforated mesh, soft suede, hard plastics and other synthetic textiles. 

The forefoot, and in particular the toe box, looks as if it is a complete replica of the Nike Air Jordan 7. Further similarities of the AJ7 can also be found on the heel as the Zoom ’92 brandishes the traditional upside-down triangle logo with the number 9. This is influenced by the Olympic AJ7’s specifically as they were the only model to showcase the number 9 instead of 23 as that was Michael Jordan’s Olympic number. Although this is a nice touch, I can only imagine that sneakerheads will be on the fence for this one. If you are after the AJ7 look, why not go for the classic AJ7.

Nonetheless, attention to detail is superb and Nike have added some great features which may not be too obvious to the untrained eye. For example, hard plastics are used on the upper to act as a rip-stop guard for the soft mesh and as lace supporting plates to ensure a secure fit. The traditional swoosh isn’t too overwhelming either, it is located perfectly inside the perforated window and doesn’t take away from other design features of the shoe – something we have unfortunately seen all too often. 

Fitting true to size, the sneaker offers a snug fit and is easily accessible due to the addition of a soft spongy tongue and wide-grip heel tabs.


The most notable feature of the midsole has to be the Zoom Air pocket which extrudes from the outside forefoot. This technology is uncommon to see in the forefoot as most air technology is usually installed under the heel. An aesthetic decision by any means, but it looks great. The back of the midsole is thick which creates an incline stance and is extremely soft and bouncy. So much so however that it does create creases upon instant wear, so be aware. Unsure about your size? You can check the Jordan shoes size chart here

Given that it is a Jordan brand sneaker albeit a lifestyle model, it will always be tested for its hooping skills and performance on the court. The truth is, you could hoop in these sneakers, but you shouldn’t if you are actively seeking a high-performance on-court sneaker. As far as lifestyle models go however, it seems to be a winner.  

Jordan Zoom 92 black crimson2

Jordan Zoom 92 black crimson3

Bottom Line

All in all, to conclude this Jordan Zoom 92 review, this is a great looking shoe with retro vibes that is an excellent choice for a casual sneaker. Wearing these on the court is of course an option but not something I would recommend. I can see these parts of a rotation for any sneakerhead or for anyone who wants to boost a retro look. The $150 price tag seems a bit steep given that it is not very performant on the court but the good news is that you can find these cheaper on eBay and other sites.