The Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 has been a symbol of style and innovation for decades, and in this review, we’ll get into what makes this iconic shoe a must-have in any rotation. This is one of the first models under the Nike brand along with the Cortez and the Waffle Racer. 

The History of Nike Blazer Mid ‘77

First released in 1973, this sneaker was Nike’s first ever basketball shoe, being introduced in the NBA by George “Iceman” Gervin of San Antonio Spurs. Its name, however, comes from another NBA team, the Portland Trail Blazers, the team from the region where Nike’s headquarters was located at that time. The shoe was considered at the time a performance basketball shoe, much like the Adidas Top Ten that was released not long after. Much like this one it transcended into a casual, every day sneaker over time. In the 2000’s it became a favorite for skateboarders due to its flat sole and enforced upper construction. The sneaker has had several versions released over the years, including the Mid 77, Pro Club, SB Zoom Blazer Mid, and the low top. As you’d expect from such a classic it was included in several collabs such as the ones with Supreme, Commes des Garcons, Stussy and Grand Taylor. The Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 made a strong comeback in 2023 as part of its fifty year celebration with various colorways and special editions. The pair we got in white and red , however, was a 2022 release.

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Review

How They Fit 

Out of the box the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 feels lighter than you’d expect from a high top sneaker from that era. On feet they feel very comfortable when you first try them on with plenty of room in the forefoot, molding nicely to your feet. Despite Nike’s classic sneakers reputation of running narrow these are an exception. They run true to size and they can even accommodate wider feet, while some break in may be needed for some. You can check out our Nike shoes size chart if in doubt with the sizing you need. 

Nike Blazer Mid 77 white gym red smoke grey DH7694 1001

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Review


The Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 usually comes in either leather or nylon upper. We got the leather version which feels very smooth to touch. The signature suede overlays in the front and sides add a nice design touch while adding stability and durability. Because of the elongated lacing system it’s easy to adjust them to fit just right. There are no perforations in their design which makes them great for wearing them casually in cold, even wet conditions. There is not much air flow, however so wearing these in hot weather will work better with the nylon version. Another piece of design that stands out is the tongue which features an exposed foam similar to the one from the Killshot 2 that many are not a fan of but it was often found at the shoes from that era. The branding on the tongue is another throwback to the year when this shoe was released, just after the brand officially was named Nike. The ankle area is lightly padded which gives these shoes an elegant flair despite its basketball roots, making it easy to match this sneaker with any casual or business casual attire. 

Nike Blazer Mid 77 white gym red smoke grey DH7694 1002

Nike Blazer Mid 77 white gym red smoke grey DH7694 1003

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 is representative for a shoe from that decade, one with basic support and cushioning. The EVA insole and the chambers that make up the inside of the midsole is where the cushioning comes from, one that works fine for a casual sneaker nowadays. The sole unit is flat and vulcanized, similar to what we see at a classic pair of Converse or Vans. This translates into stability and durability which makes these a decent choice for skateboarders and weightlifters. Even when it comes to their heritage, they are still ok to wear on the basketball court as a side activity which makes them a great back to school shoe. We did not test them for this review in the gym but it’s quite clear that unless you’re into serious cardio they can still be a nice option to wear. The outsole has a  standard herringbone pattern which adds just enough traction for what this shoe is nowadays used for.

Are Nike Mid Blazer ‘77 basketball shoes? 

While they have a basketball heritage, Nike Mid Blazer ’77 shoes are no longer primarily intended for the court due to their limited support and the availability of superior basketball footwear options. Nevertheless, they can still be used for basketball on occasion.

Are Nike Mid Blazer ‘77 good for lifting? 

While not specifically designed for weightlifting, many use them in the gym for such exercises due to their flat sole unit and the upper reinforcements which provide good stability and good ground feel. 

Are Nike Blazer ‘77 good for skating? 

Yes, these shoes can make a decent skate shoe, despite not being designed as such. There is a reason why they became popular with the skaters community in the mid 2000’s. The flat, slim sole provides a good board feel, stability while the upper provides a good lockdown fit.