This week we got a pair for Nike Interact Run on sale so we had to get a closer look and review its features. Released in 2023 , this is one of Nike’s newest budget running shoes, below the price for the Winflo and just above the Run Swift. Once again the brand managed to keep the price low on these by using a modern, stylish look to compensate for the lack of significant tech, in the sole unit especially. I say that because they feature Flyknit mesh upper that is quite a surprise for a shoe at this price point. Nike is advertising these as being made of at least 20% recycled content by weight so you can take some pride if you are at least a bit eco conscious.

First Impressions 

The pair I got was the black and white version, a popular choice for those looking for a neutral colorway to match it easily with any attire. At a first glance the shoes look very stylish and they are very lightweight. Size 12 weighs just over 10 oz which is pretty remarkable given that the sole is just re-engineered EVA foam. They are very comfortable from the get go with little to no need to break them in.

Nike Interact Run Review2

How they fit 

The Nike Interact Run runs true to size with a roomy toe box that would accommodate the ones with wider feet with no need to go half a size up. Therefore, if you like a more snug fit on the toe box for your running shoes these may not be for you. If you are not sure about your Nike shoes size you can check out this size chart.

Nike Interact Run black white3

Nike Interact Run black white4


The seamless upper features a Flyknit mesh with synthetic overlays for protection in the toe box area. The use of the Flyknit for a low budget shoe is something new and I was very curious to check out its quality for this review. This mesh is made of strong fibers in various patterns that make the shoe lightweight and breathable while also adding support in the areas where it is most needed. At some pairs the Flyknit has some stretchy areas which is not the case with this shoe. The tongue is very lightly padded , much like the heel collar. The lacing system is pretty standard and it does a good job in providing a good lockdown. There is a QR code on the tongue that leads you to a page at to read more about the shoes features. I have yet to find a fan of this new addition on the shoe and surely I am not one of them. 

Are Nike Interact Run Running shoes?

The Nike Interact Run are primarily running shoes but they can easily be used as a lifestyle shoe, much like most shoes from this brand. If you are looking for performant running shoes these are not it, they are more of an all around running shoe that you can take in the gym or at shopping if you like.

Nike Interact Run black white1

Nike Interact Run black white2

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Nike Interact Run is pretty simple in terms of materials used. Nike does not mention what type of foam it is so it is likely just re-engineered EVA foam. It is very lightweight but it provides basic cushioning and minimal energy return. These are good to run in for short distances as they do not provide much support and your feet will get tired easily. There is a 10mm heel to toe drop which is pretty standard and helps a lot with the forward motion. In fact it’s pretty clear that Nike put a lot of thought in the shape of the sole to make up for the quality of the foam. The foam is shaped like a cupsole especially in the heel area which adds some nice stability to the shoe. The outsole, which is made of at least 13% grind material, features a waffle pattern similar to the one from the Pegasus 40. In fact, I can say that the whole silhouette takes cues from this model, making it a much cheaper choice for those turned off by the Pegasus $130 price tag. The traction is therefore top notch, certainly one of the highlights of this shoe.

Bottom Line 

The Nike Interact Run is a nice addition to the brand’s budget runners lineup. If you are used to the plushy React cushioning these are not in the same league. At $85 you must lower your expectations in this regard. The shoes are, however, very stylish, very breathable, super lightweight and they provide good stability. They are great for those looking for an athletic shoe good at everything, one that they can run in, take to the gym while also running errands.They offer an excellent value overall for the money spent.