Today we’ll have a look and review the Nike Precision 6, one of the most affordable basketball shoes on the market. This style has been around for years and gained many fans with every new edition for the great value that it offers. At just $75 suggested retail it is one of the cheapest basketball shoes around and probably the best at this price. As with the Impact 4 or the KD Trey Series , Nike has used basic materials to build a shoe that performs very well on the court, even without the Air Max unit in the heel, hence the even lower price. The brand has perfected their designs over time so they can deliver with even such a basic shoe and the Precision 6 is surely a success in this regard.

How They Fit

For our Nike Precision 6 review we got the pair in black and red colorway, our favorite among the many available. Out of the box the shoes feel very light and stylish with their aerodynamic shape. They fit true to size with no need to break in, even for my feet that tend to be wider than normal. It is comfortable right away and ready for court action. If unsure about what size you need you can check out our Nike sizing chart here

Nike Precision 6 basketball shoes1


The upper of the Nike Precision 6 is made of two types of mesh and synthetic TPU overlays. It is a setup where the softer mesh is placed in the forefront area for enhanced breathability while the harder mesh is in the heel area towards the back for optimal foot containment. There is some cushioning in the heel area and tongue which is less than we’d expect from a basketball shoe but this does not take away from the comfort or the lockdown this shoe provides. They are easy to take on due to the flexible heel tab while the lace system is very basic yet anchored in the right places to engage both types of mesh for a lockdown fit. Given the way this shoe is constructed they are quite versatile for athletic activities that expand over their basketball purpose. This short review of the Nike Impact 6 made us conclude that this shoe is also a good choice in the gym or just for everyday activities. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit is another part where Nike cut back so they can keep the price low. They are compensated by the shape of the sole unit which makes it for an excellent heel to toe transition but also adds support on the sides where the midsole is elongated. The midsole is made up of a basic, lightweight injected EVA foam which adds basic shock absorption and minimal energy return. The outsole is made of a rubber that is shaped in a herringbone like pattern and adds very good traction, especially in indoor courts. It is also shaped to add more stability to the shoe as it is considerably wider than the upper in the forefront.

Nike Precision 6 basketball shoes2

Nike Precision 6 basketball shoes3

Are Nike Precision 6 good for basketball?

Nike Precision 6 is one of the most affordable basketball shoes on the market today. The shoe was designed for basketball performs well on the court, even without advanced features like the Air Max or Zoom units in the heel, something that the more performant and more expensive models have . It provides great value for its price and is very much suitable for basketball activities.

Are Nike Precision 6 good for wide feet?

The Nike Precision 6 fits true to size, and they are very accommodating for those with wider-than-normal feet. They feel comfortable out of the box with little need to break them in.

Bottom Line

The Nike Impact 6 offers a great value, being a versatile shoe that performs well on the court but also for other athletic activities. If you want to save money and protect your more expensive shoes from getting trashed on the court this one is surely a good option to consider.It is also a good, affordable shoe that you can wear in school or for casual wear as it is comfortable and provides good all day arch support. It is available in many colorways to fit every attire.