Having come across this one of a kind looking shoe so many times in the recent years, a Nike Shox review was a must to get a closer look and better understand its features. We got our hands on a pair of Nike Shox NZ in dark gray and we decided to see how this classic runner performs nowadays.

It was in 1984 when the Nike designers developed the idea to add a spring-like component in the midsole design of their outstanding running shoes. Until 1990, the shoe innovators of this renowned brand put forth the concept of injected molded column incorporated with a spring plate. It took 10 years for the shoe innovators to work on improvements and experimentation trials and then the range of Nike Shox was introduced to masses. Seventeen years later this shoe is still around with quite a constant presence on the market, with new versions released periodically.

Nike Shox running shoe has a distinct look given by its one of a kind midsole. It is one of the main reasons why it’s still so popular. When we got our pair we did not hope for a performance running shoe but more of an every day sneaker. And we were pretty much right. After a couple of days of wearing them, the shoes felt comfortable and delivered some remarkable support while wearing them all day throughout the city.

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We got our pair in a size 11.5 at first but it did not fit like most Nikes. They run small both in size and width. We went a half size up and they felt much better. The pair of Nike Shox NZ we got features synthetic leather upper reinforced with overlays made of the same material on the toebox and on the sides. Traditionally all shoes in this line feature some kind of leather material thought the upper side, the exception being the Nike Shox Avenue that has some mesh added. The side overlays remind us of the support cages modern sneakers feature nowadays, being pretty much all that’s left from the solid upper materials in their upper construction.

What I noticed while doing this Nike Shox review is that this sneaker is constructed does not allow for much breathability, making it hard to run in these for too long. The solid upper was, however a big plus when walking around or tried these for light cross-training in the gym. It felt that the more we wore them the more comfortable they felt.

Sole Unit

Nike Shox runners feature a unique combination of Phylon foam in the front and the signature four-column heel supported by a Pebax dispersion plate. The midsole is made of cushioning columns of polyurethane foam and paired with TPU heel counters that are ultra supportive. The shoe makes use of highly resilient foam, which is integrated into the injection-molded columns to ensure reduced rate of impact loading. The heel columns not only provide cushioning with every stride but they also ad a nice bounce back effect much needed on long runs or walks. The toebox is apparently wide but that is only because the Pebax plate is somewhat narrow. It sits on Phylon foam, adding even more cushion. This whole construction of a hard plate on top of the cushioning system makes it a great shoe for those with back problems or those looking for added support for their knees and ankles. After wearing these all day we felt much of these benefits. The outsole is made of carbon rubber that looks somewhat thin compared to the midsole components. Not much after wearing these outside they showed some sign of wear but overall the whole sole looks pretty durable.

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Bottom Line

To conclude this Nike Shox review this is a great shoe for every day wear and light cross-training but not so much for running. They are quite heavy compared to modern running shoes and you can get heated up in these quite fast. If you don’t have a wide foot they provide excellent arch support throughout the day, making them great for those standing up long hours at work. As we mentioned above, the looks on this shoe will make you stand out, there are no other shoes close to this design. Nike has made several versions of them but they all stayed pretty true to the original silhouette. The original price of $125 is a good value for what you pay but most of the time you can find some colorways on sale at $80-$90 which makes them a great deal.