The Nike Tech Hera is one of the latest sneakers from the Swoosh brand that we had a chance to review this week. This model is a 2023 release, having a retro inspired design with an overall chunky look that has been trending for a while. Named after Hera, Zeus’s wife from Greek mythology, this sneaker was initially marketed to women with men’s versions released a couple of months later. If women may be attracted by its bulky, trendy look men surely can get interested in the excellent comfort, stability and durability they provide. 

How They Fit 

The Tech Hera is not your average Nike runner that usually tends to run narrow. The medium width pair I got in orewood brown offers plenty of space in the forefront for even those with wider feet. They run true to size with no need to break them in, being very comfortable from the get go. If unsure about your Nike size you can always check our size chart. Size 9 we got weights almost 13 oz which is not surprising given its chunky look.

Nike FJ9532 1103

Nike Tech Hera review 2


The upper of the Nike Tech Hera is reminiscent of the one of a hiking shoe with retro vibes. I say that because of the way the lacing system is constructed but also for the mesh it was used in combination with the suede material. There is even a leather mudguard in the front for extra protection. The inner of the shoes feature a very thin cushioning layer which in combination with the lightly padded tongue and heel area contribute to a nice, comfy feeling you have when you first put them on. We tried these on for this review in October and they felt just right in terms of breathability but due to the thick mesh material in hot weather they would likely not be as comfortable. 

Nike Tech Hera

Nike Tech Hera

Sole Unit

There is no special technology when it comes to the sole unit of the Nike Tech Hera so we are not sure why the “Tech” is in its name.  However , this does not take away from the comfort and support they have to offer. Nike does not mention the material they used but it looks like a re-engineered foam shaped in a wavy design that makes the shoe very stable. Again, those with wide feet will get the most of this shoe, as well as those in need of all day arch support which is pretty decent for this shoe. While the upper looks like a hiking shoe the sole unit has nothing to do with it, especially when you look at the way the outsole was constructed. Given its pattern there is little to suggest other than these were made for the city streets.

Are Nike Tech Hera good for walking?

Nike Tech Hera is an everyday sneaker made for comfort and durability and it is great for short and long walks. They provide great stability and good arch support, something much needed for comfortable walks that will keep you feet rested and pressure off your joints. They hey are accommodating for those with wider feet and are comfortable for extended periods, making them a good choice for walking shoes.

Are Nike Tech Hera good for running?

Nike Tech Hera are not suitable for running as they were not designed for such a purpose. While in general Nike every day shoes are versatile enough to be used for running these are too chunky and the sole is too flat for this purpose. You can take them in the gym for some light activities but running in them will not feel ideal.

Bottom Line 

Our review of the Nike Tech Hera cemented our initial impression of the shoe, one of an everyday sneaker made for comfort and durability. Taking these in the gym is not a great idea, except maybe for weight lifting. They provide great stability and good arch support, so those in search of a dependable shoe that you can wear almost everywhere are certainly worth a try. This is the type of shoe that even your dad will like if he wants to move away from its Monarch sneakers for a while. They are very accommodating for those with wide feet and they are comfortable for a long time.