One of the most exciting releases this year was the reintroduction on the market of the legendary Puma Trinomic . Originally introduced in early 90’s, this classic runner is back with new bold colors and tech details for a modern look. The signature feature if this shoe is, as the name suggests, the trinomic technology, made to offer enhanced cushioning to your landings. This technology has its roots in the early 80’s when Puma introduced on the market the Natural Running collection in response to the demand of the market for shoes not only for the track but also for street runners. Ten years later this collection evolved into the trinomic collection that made it one of the most advanced running shoe on the market.

Fast-forward 24 years later, the Puma Trinomic has become more of a classic retro shoe with dashing looks, offering the same comfort as the original. Available in several color combinations, you can choose from a classic black and white to blue and pink or my favorite, the mint and dark colors, featured in this article.

With 5 different artfully blended colors and built from several materials, Puma Trinomic displays a sophisticated design, surely draw attention.

The upper features a black suede material that wraps around the lacing system and shapes the front of the shoe giving it a classic look. A quality synthetic mesh ensures enhanced breathability both in front and on the sides and makes it easier for the shoe to follow the shape of the foot thus adding comfort. A clear flexible plastic material is used both in front and back; it hugs the shoe from both sides and also to build a heel cage, adding support and also giving it a modern look.. The traditional Puma stripe is made from mint colored suede that adds some cool contrast to this beautiful constructed shoe. The sole is as sophisticated as the shoe upper. It features all colors seen on the rest of the shoe but most importantly the trinomic technology that consists of a hexagonal system resembling honeycomb cells, made to compress and reload with every stride for enhanced cushioning. The rest of the sole is made of quality rubber for superior grip. This whole ensemble will be making you feel like walking on clouds.

Puma Trinomic is a stylish shoe that combines retro looks with modern ones while it offers a distinct level of comfort; a centerpiece of the Puma classics collectors. If not sure what size to get you can always check our Puma size chart here.