Recently we’ve come across a pair of Reebok Workout Plus in all red and we decided to give it a closer look and review its features. This is a Reebok classic shoe that was first introduced in 1985 as a cross trainer sneaker, a couple of years after the Reebok Classic Leather. As with many retros of that era its looks made it a favorite for casual wear and was quickly absorbed into the urban culture of the 90’s and beyond. The brand kept this style on the shelves in its classic black or white and gum colorways but also spiced it up countless times with various collaborations like the ones with Extra Butter or Gore-Tex.

How They Fit

In fact, the pair we got in red and black is part of the “Human Rights Now” campaigns that Reebok recently released in 2021 to inspire human rights and movement. Out of the box the Reebok Workout Plus looks like a very solid retro shoe that is made to last. The upper leather and the rubber sole add some weight to the shoe but also durability. First impression on feet is that they run true to size, however they run a bit narrow, especially in the toe box area. Going half a size up on these should work out well, unless you wear wide sizes regularly. Given that and also they are made of leather they need a bit of break in but after a few times wearing them they are really comfortable.

Reebok Workout Plus Triple Red Human Rights4

Reebok Workout Plus Triple Red Human Rights3


The upper of the Reebok Workout Plus is made of leather overlays, with suede in the toe box for this special edition that we’ve got. Aside from the usual overlays in the front and back we have a large piece of leather that the laces are anchored in for a secure fit. The shoes also feature generous padding around the ankle area along with some in the tongue. There is some limited airflow given by the perforation in the toe area. Overall the upper is solid and still holds some relevance for gym activities but it also makes it a great casual shoe for colder days or even in wet conditions. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Reebok Workout Plus was made to withstand the needs of those into cross training with a clear goal of adding more support. While the technology used is the same as most of the retros of that time, Reebok made the most of it by placing the right materials in the right place. The shoe features the classic visible EVA midsole in the middle but in the heel area and in the front the outsole is covering it, giving it an unique look but also adding more support in these areas. This is a feature that we’ve seen at other retros such as the New Balance 550. On top sits a removable EVA midsole that adds even more cushioning. Overall, what we’ve concluded during our Reebok Workout Plus review is that the way the sole is made combined with the way the upper is built still make these a decent cross training shoe. 

Reebok Workout Plus Triple Red Human Rights1

Reebok Workout Plus Triple Red Human Rights2

Bottom Line 

To conclude our Reebok Workout Plus review, this is a great classic sneaker that makes an excellent everyday shoe as well as for the gym. It is a durable shoe that is made to last and one that many would call a “beater”, a versatile shoe that you can count on to wear for a while. At a $85 retail price it offers an excellent value.