The Under Armour Charge Assert 10, one of the most popular budget runners nowadays , made it to our review section this week. The Assert running shoes line debuted a decade ago, back when the Charged technology was the most performant from Under Armour. Over the time it gained popularity as a practical all around running shoe, even if there has never been much hype around it among performance runners. The 10th edition of this shoe is pretty much identical in terms of features and looks to its predecessor. The pair we got on my hands was the navy and white one, one of my favorites. 

First Impressions 

Out of the box the Under Armour Assert 10 looks like a very solid shoe, a bit bulky , with a simple, clean design. They feel comfortable as you first try them on yet they are on the firm side when it comes to cushioning. As you break them in they feel more and more comfortable, especially if you take them for a run. Size 12 weighs about 12.75oz which is not the lightest out there but it’s not bad for a budget shoe. 

How They Fit 

The Under Armour Assert 10 fits true to size and they feature a roomy toe box. Even those with wider feet will feel comfortable in these so there is no need to go a half size up in most cases. This is also because the upper mesh will easily expand if needed. If unsure about your sizing for Under Armour check out our size chart here.

Under Armour Charged Assert 10 Review 1

Under Armour Charged Assert blue white2


The upper features a double layer mesh with synthetic overlays in the front, lacing and heel area. The first layer of mesh seems to be a nylon material that is see thru while the second is thicker. Despite the first impression they do not excel in breathability which can be seen as a downside for runners in the summer heat but in my opinion it adds to the versatility of the shoe. For this Under Armour Assert 10 review I tried them on a cold day outdoors and they felt good in terms of air flow, not too cold or too hot. The heel collar and tongue are lightly padded, which in combination with the EVA insole add a nice, plushy feeling as you put them on. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit features the Charged foam which is known for its enhanced cushioning and support. The sole is not too flexible and the cushioning is a bit on the firmer side which adds excellent stability to the shoe without any extra plate that would drive the price up. This type of sole works great when you go to the gym and do a bit of everything. In terms of running I cannot recommend them for long runs as the energy return is modest and the support is reduced. Slow, short paced runs outdoors or in the gym are just right for this shoe. The shape of the sole unit extends in the back which combined with the 10mm heel drop makes it so those who tend to land on their heels make the most of them, at least in terms of running. The rubber outsole is similar to previous models, being distributed strategically to provide traction and add durability to the shoe. 

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Who Are They For? 

The Under Armour Assert 10 is a great choice for those on a budget, in need of a versatile shoe that they can wear for runs under 10 miles, in the gym or casually on everyday errands. They are also excellent for long walks, providing good cushioning and support. 

Bottom Line 

All in all, to wrap our Under Armour Assert 10 review, this is an excellent choice for a running shoe under $100. It is a durable runner that offers a great value, no wonder that it has been popular among both genders for so many years. While advanced runners may not appreciate its limited support for long runs, casual runners will surely appreciate its versatility. It also features a stylish design that is easy to match with any attire. If still unsure, the Nike Run Swift 3 and the Nike Renew Ride 3 are some other running shoes in the same price range that are worth checking out.