The adidas Avryn is one of the latest sneakers from the German sportswear brand, one that we had the chance to review this week. Introduced in early 2023, this is a new model in which Adidas used several of their signature technologies. It is a running shoe inspired lifestyle sneaker that is made to offer all day comfort. To achieve this, the sole unit combines the Bounce foam with the BOOST technology. The shoe is also in part made of recycled materials, being part of the brand’s effort to promote its sustainability campaign. 

How They Fit

The pair we got in stock was the one in gray, orange and black, one of the original colorways for this model. The shoes come in an atypical white box made of recyclable paper. Out of the box the shoes have a modern, stylish look. Given the upper construction we expected them to be a little lighter than just over 13 oz for a size 8. When it comes to size, in my case they felt a bit big so I would recommend going down a half size. When wearing my true size I felt like I could not get a good lockdown fit in my heel, likely due to the way that area is constructed. Other than that they mold pretty smooth on feet so there is no need for much of a break in period. If you’re not sure about your adidas shoe size you can check out this size chart

adidas Avryn HP59692

adidas Avryn HP59694


The upper is made of a seamless mesh material similar to ripstop with another layer of mesh just under it. While the first one is transparent, the second one has two different color tones which give the shoe a nice look. It is a type of setup that we’ve seen before at the Nike Air Max 2090. The upper has an excellent airflow which makes them fit for light exercises in the gym or wearing them casually in hot weather. The cushioning for the upper is provided by the tongue and the pads placed in the heel area. These pads provide some nice comfort but some may feel like their heel is coming out with every step if not getting the size right.For this model Adidas also used a new type of heel tab that can be worn up or down. The heel area also features a TPU support tab that also adds a nice look to the shoe.

Are adidas Avryn Comfortable?

The Adidas Avryn is  a very comfortable shoe. The cushioning for the upper is provided by the tongue and heel pads, contributing to overall comfort. The combination of Bounce and BOOST foam in the sole unit is designed to provide support and cushioning, enhancing the comfort of the shoe for casual wear and long hours of standing.

Sole Unit 

The sole unit is a unique setup of Bounce and BOOST foam with Adiwear rubber in the outsole. The Bounce foam is mostly used for heel landing and energy return while the BOOST makes the heel to toe transition smoother. Both foams overlap each other throughout the midsole so you get an interesting combination in terms of support and cushioning. What we noticed from the beginning of our Adidas Avryn review is that the shoe feels a bit stiff which limits its intended versatility a bit. While it offers great support for casual wear and long hours of standing up it is quite limited as a running shoe. The Adiwear rubber features a few patterns which recommend this shoe even more as a lifestyle sneaker. 

adidas Avryn HP59691

adidas Avryn HP59693

Are adidas Avryn good for running?

While the Adidas Avryn is inspired by running shoes and incorporates technologies like Bounce foam and BOOST, it is not the ideal choice for serious running. The shoe feels a bit clunky, which limits its intended versatility as a running shoe. It offers great support for casual wear and long hours of standing, but it is somewhat limited for running activities.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion of our Adidas Avryn review this is a stylish athletic sneaker that many will enjoy in their every day rotation. It is a good alternative to the Adidas NMD, the two having a similar feel on feet. The retail price of $140 feels a bit high for what you get but luckily some colorways are already on sale. There are a lot of colorways to choose from which makes it easy to match with any casual attire. All in all it seems to be a durable shoe that you can wear around for any light athletic activity but it will shine mostly as a casual shoe.