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adidas Shoes Size Chart

When it comes to getting a new pair of adidas sneakers it is surely handy to have a size chart conversion available. As with most other brands the new technologies introduced in the past decade have made things a bit more complicated as far as size goes. Adidas is at its origin a German footwear company and manufactures its products in Indonesia, China and Vietnam for the most part. Its European roots show in the sizing for men and women which are basically the same, with the brand not differentiating between genders. The confusions appear mostly when buyers get their sneakers from overseas. The US sizing for men and women is different with one unit. For example a men’s size 10 is a women’s size 11. Regardless of your location , if you are not sure what size you need it’s best to refer to the length of your foot either in Centimeters or Inches, both displayed in our adidas sizes chart conversion. This way you cannot go wrong.

How adidas Shoes fit 

Generally speaking adidas shoes run true to size. However, this is more true with the retro sneakers like the Superstar or Samba or any of that generation. When it comes to newer styles the adidas NMD runs about ½ larger than others from the “true size” from the brand while the UltraBOOST and many others that use this midsole runs about ½ size smaller. Adidas shoes in general are “roomier” than other brands, being more comfortable for those with a wider foot. When getting a pair of Adidas shoes you also have to take in consideration the forefront shape as many of their shoes have a narrow toe area, especially some of their retros. 

How adidas Shoes sizes run compared to Nike

Compared to Nike, adidas shoes run about ½ size larger. So if you wear a size 9.5 in Nike probably a size 10 in adidas would best work for you.  Size 10 in adidas measures 27.1cm while the same size in Nike measures 28cm. This is again, a general rule because, as mentioned previously there are styles from both brands that run larger or smaller than their typical sizes. Once again, going to the basics with a measurement of your foot would be a better place to start instead. 

How adidas Shoes run compared to New Balance 

Adidas shoes are known to run a few millimeters smaller than New Balance. While both are known for the comfort they offer, New Balance is going the extra mile when it comes to the room they offer , not to mention their extended wide shoe sizing. For example size 10 for men’s Adidas is 27.1cm while the same size is 28cm for New Balance. 

How do adidas Superstar Fit?

The adidas Superstar, much like the Stan Smith and the rest of the classics run true to size. 

How do adidas NMD fit?

The adidas NMD genarally runs ½ larger than the regular adidas sizes.

How do adidas UltraBOOST fit? 

The adidas UltraBOOST generally runs ½ smaller than the “true size” . This is the case for many other modern sneakers featuring the BOOST technology like the Nite Jogger or the Retropy

All in all you can use our adidas shoes size chart to get a better idea on what size to get, especially if you know your exact foot length in either centimeters or inches. This the best way to go whether you’re getting your first pair of adidas shoes or you’re just switching from another brand.