As a player that recently entered the shoes market, Diesel sneakers for men series is a remarkable stylish division of the renowned jeans maker. Diesel S.p.A originates from Italy, being a company founded by Renzo Rosso who is called the “Jeans Genius” because of innovations he introduced to jean designs. Rosso himself has an interesting life story that runs parallel to his company, Diesel, in many ways. He began selling his own products at the age of 15 and became a college drop out to work in a local manufacturing company. There, he was able to achieve what the owner of the business never thought possible – increase production. His boss eventually became his business partner and helped him establish Diesel.

The name “Diesel” was inspired by the increased popularity of this alternative fuel during the oil crisis in the 1978. Rosso and his partner liked the idea of their company being the alternative to existing popular brands and was a word that was easily recognized worldwide. In 2004, CNN had chosen Diesel to be the “first brand to believe truly in the global village and to embrace it with open arms.”

Rosso has enjoyed successful business partnerships and collaborations with many well-known figures like Karl Lagerfield, graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse, Fiat, L’Oreal, and even Adidas. He has own wine label, Rosso and is very active in donating to world charities and calamity-stricken countries. His style in business is to remove boundaries, be creative, and humble. He is known for engaging with and listening to his employees and being always ready to push the boundaries.

The Diesel Shoes

It was only after 1994 that the Diesel began to get into shoes and accessories after Rosso discovered the joy of snowboarding and wanted to get into the extreme sports market. The Diesel footwear was licensed to Marbett of Germany which started first creating the Diesel line of perfumes which performed very well prompting the company to expand the line to footwear and luggage.

Very evident in the Diesel sneakers for men is the philosophy of the company of casual but stand-out styles. Some of the celebrities who have been seen wearing Diesel footwear are Kate Moss, Rihanna, and Britney Spears. If you are looking for a shoe design that will make you look extraordinary and different, then Diesel is certainly and option to look at. Diesel and Rosso guarantee that wearing the Diesel shoes will get you noticed.

One of the interesting facts about Rosso is that he encourages his design team to venture out into all corners of the world in search of inspiration. He sends them on a fully-paid business trip to any country they want as long as they come back with fantastic ideas for the next season’s line. Another trivia about the Diesel products is that when Rosso first started his company, he was into vintage styles but he was ahead of his time and he struggled to sell his products. Today, vintage, even in the shoe line, has become one of the top sellers of Diesel.

There is one first impression among new customers to Diesel footwear: amazement at the high quality of footwear for men and women. There is an excellent selection of quiet style all the way to extreme avangarde for those who crave attention. A few of the popular choices are:

The Diesel Gunner

The Gunner is one of the most popular Diesel sneakers for men, available in several versions: Long Term, Lace Up, Gunner On, and Gunner S. They are built with nylon or leather with suede overlays for a vintage touch. The thin midsole is made from EVA that is deigned to add cushioning to every step. While the outsole’s shape is somewhat narrow, the shoes feel very comfortable and lightweight. Nevertheless the Diesel Gunner sneakers are a great fit for those with narrow feet. When getting one of these, consider going one size up since they tend to be snug.

The Diesel Solar

This Diesel shoe line is also a sneaker available in several versions: Harold Solar, Contrast, and basic Solar. The main characteristic of this style is the oversized logo over the side of the shoes, a bold statement for what they stand for. The Diesel Solar sneakers are perfect for daily wear. They come in classic colors, half sizes, and are very comfortable.

The Diesel Magnete Exposure

This line of Diesel casual trendy shoes are outstanding especially for teenagers. The designs come in understated youthful elegance both as a high top or regular low. The recent denim versions of the Diesel Magnete Exposure sneakers have been a hit because of their original design, with a coin pocket on the side as the renowned Diesel shoes have.

Whether for men, women, or children, aside from the sneakers, the Diesel footwear also offers the boots, casual dress shoes, formal shoes, extreme sports, and casual sports line. Reviews from around the world all confirm that whether you are buying the sneakers or the boots, the fit is extremely comfortable for all day use. They also match easily with almost any outfit so you can easily incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.