Today we’ll take a closer look at a pair of one of the most popular sneakers on the market , the Golden Goose Superstar sneakers and review its key features. With its rock star look, it no doubt that this is the ultimate distressed sneaker in the market. As the sneaker community grows, so does the range of taste and interests each personality brings to the table. Whether you believe it or not, there are a handful of people out there who likes their sneaker looking rough and “distressed”. Alessandaro Gallo and Francesa Rinaldo, founders of Golden Goose, realized this and emphasized their brand on “things that are lived in, distressed, and touched with life,”. The Superstar is for Golden Goose what the Ace sneaker is for Gucci, a true emblematic, iconic sneaker.

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The Golden Goose Superstar has an upper that is made of real leather purposefully distressed. This gives them a look that resembles a damaged pair of skate shoes. Each shoe is hand-crafted and distressed by artisans in their Italy manufacturing site, meaning no two shoes are the same for any owner. To those concerned about the leather quality, you should rest your fears. The Golden Goose Superstars are made from a premium leather that should last a lifetime if properly maintained. Just like most other Italian made sneakers, the materials are robust and should take time before any signs of wear and tear creep up.  Then again, you do have the advantage of saying that these sneakers are meant to look dirty.

Once you put your feet in, you may find it to fit a little small (we recommend going half size up since they ) but this could differ based on the size of your feet. What we came to realize during our Golden Goose Superstar review is that wider feet should stick true to size, while narrow feet should go half size. If you are not sure about your size you can check out the brand shoes size chart here. You’d also notice that the sock liner is padded well and should support the ankles relatively well. The Superstars also has a wide ankle fit, making it nice and easy for people to slip their feet in.  The internal lining here is made of a loopback cotton toweling material.  Ensuring that the shoes keep your feet comfortable all year.

Sole Unit

From a distance, the sole unit looks just like any normal “skate shoe” sole unit. However, there is a catch, it looks like it has been through hell. Just like the upper, the midsoles were given a scrub to pull of that “used vintage” look. Ironically, the cleanest looking element of the sneaker is the outsole! This is usually the opposite for most other sneakers. As for the insole, it is super thick towards the heel and is made from relatively stiff foam. Underneath this layer of foam rests a little piece of plastic which could make wearing shoes a little uncomfortable.

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Bottom Line

To conclude our review, despite the hefty price tag, the Golden Goose Superstars is a decent pickup if you have the budget and like the look of a well-worn sneaker. Besides, these type of sneakers goes well with almost any outfit you could have in your collection. You could wear them with jeans, hoodies, suits, and anything else for that matter. This also means that you could wear them for any occasion, making your investment worthwhile.

Photo Credit: YourAverageGuy (featured)