One of the most popular luxury sneakers on the market nowadays, the Gucci Ace is the subject of our review section this week. The number of sneaker consumers is in the billions, and so all kinds of shoes are made to accommodate everyone’s needs and interests. Some consumers want shoes to run in, or shoes that protect your feet, but some consumers want sneakers that are as cleverly crafted as a dress shoe. This is where the luxury fashion brand Gucci steps in. Offering a range of design and color versions, the Gucci Ace is by far the Italy- based company’s most recognizable model. A simple style, the Gucci Ace is nothing we haven’t seen before but is instead an upscaled tennis shoe that is easy to work with any outfit, being perfect for the summer. It is a true conic sneaker for the brand, much like the Superstar is for Golden Goose. 

Gucci ACE Bee sneaker black

Gucci Snakeskin heel sneaker


For some of the most popular versions of the Gucci Ace sneaker the upper consists of a real leather upper, with the brand’s iconic red and green stripes present on both sides of the shoe. Other versions feature a high quality mesh with various patterns, whether it is the logo or other imprints. The brand didn’t cut any corners in designing the inside of the shoe, with leather lining and a leather insole, on which it proudly states the sneakers are made in Italy. Gucci branding is also printed on the insole as well as the back tab on most of the colorways. The brand created plenty of versions to choose from. Popular Gucci Ace colorways have featured a golden bee, or the famous Gucci Kingsnake, embroidered onto the green and red stripe. Just be aware of the jewel embellished pairs, as the jewels may fall out or get chipped over time, so if durability is your concern, there may be more suitable colorways.

A benefit of such premium materials, especially on the white versions of the Gucci Ace, is that it is much easier to clean and shouldn’t pick up as many creases as your standard tennis shoes. The materials are relatively durable, and the Italy-based production should allow the sneaker to hold its shape well. That is not to say a Gucci Ace is the kind of sneaker to exercise in or wear in the rain, but it should last you countless meetups with friends and nights out before the upper starts showing any signs of wear. And if you are interested in really maximizing its longevity, Gucci has put some information on how to care for the shoe on its product page.

Sole Unit

At first glance, the sole has a very simple design, with just the stitches to the upper on display. However, on the underside of the sole, the Gucci crest, depicting a knight with a suitcase and a travel bag, has been stamped into the rubber. Something that we noticed while coming up with this Gucci Ace sneakers review is that the sole is made of a lighter and less dense rubber than standard rubber sole shoes, which adds a bit of extra comfort but will mean the tread will also wear down quicker. This is something to be aware of but shouldn’t be too much of a concern as you can still easily clean the sole with some water and a towel/toothbrush, so it shouldn’t affect how the sneaker looks.

Gucci ACE Gold Top Sneaker

Gucci ACE Snake white

Bottom Line

In conclusion to our Gucci Ace sneakers review, if you are thinking about getting luxury footwear, a sneaker as versatile as this one is a great choice. Usually retailing for $690 and up, the Gucci Ace is a serious investment, but it’s the materials and craftsmanship that put this shoe together that justifies the price tag. And if that’s not enough, some of the shoes now come in green eco-friendly packaging, alongside some dust bags for you to look after your shoes in. It is also worth mentioning that if you are interested in picking up a pair for yourself, the Gucci Ace sneakers run true to size. If you’re not sure what size you need you can check out the Gucci sneakers size chart here.

Photo Credit: Gucci