Sneakers have come a long way since they were first introduced over 100 years ago, now with high fashion lines, such as Gucci sneakers for men conquering the market. In fact, Gucci was the first luxury brand to elevate the sneaker to more than just a sport shoe, with several styles proving appropriate for business and even evening wear.

Gucci entered the sneaker game in 1984 with their first tennis shoe bearing their signature green and red stripes. However, the Italian brand had long established itself as a top shoe maker in Europe and the world.


Gucci was formed way back in 1921 by Guccio Gucci and became famous throughout Europe for fine leather items such as shoes, bags and belts. Over the years, the brand established itself as a signature for class and luxury, highlighted by an eye-catching logo. In addition to leather, other fine textiles were added to the mix, including hemp and linen.

In the 1980s, as the sneaker was becoming increasingly popular on the streets, the innovators at the company saw an opportunity and seized it when they created their first Gucci sneakers for men in the form of a stylish tennis shoe. The sneaker was an instant hit, although not many people used it for its intended purpose, rather as a show of wealth and high fashion forwardness. Over time, there have been many more Gucci sneakers for men, establishing the Italian fashion giant as a legitimate sneaker brand, at least for those with a taste for expensive footwear.

Styles and Designs

The types and styles of Gucci sneakers for men have become diversified as more designs have been added to the line to provide shoppers with a wide variety to choose from. Whether you’re into high tops, mid cuts or low tops; floral, checkered, colored or striped; suede, leather, canvas, or a combination, you are sure to find it in the dazzling array of Gucci sneakers now available on the market. Instead of reinventing the wheel, however, Gucci adapted a number of popular styles, which have been iconized in other brands such as Nike et al, and put their own spin on them. This has resulted in the creation of highly fashionable casual shoes that seem familiar but are strikingly different due to exquisite detailing, craftsmanship and trademark branding.

Having made their name for high quality leather goods, many Gucci sneakers are made using fine leather and suede. However, canvas and mesh, along with various other synthetic materials, have been included in many Gucci silhouettes, to keep up with the changing times. As it relates to comfort and durability, the brand has kept abreast with the latest sneaker-making technologies to ensure their shoes provide a high degree of cushioning and are able to last a very long time.

With so many different choices available on the market, the decision to get authentic Gucci sneakers for men is one that should be based on the recognition that they are more than just luxury shoes. Despite being labeled as a high fashion brand for those with expensive tastes, Gucci has made a serious claim for building high quality sneakers that can hold their own among their most functional and practical counterparts which have achieved iconic status. Not sure what size you need? You can check out our Gucci shoes size chart here.