Today we’ll take a quick look and review the features of one of the latest signature sneakers from the Jordan brand, the Luka 1 basketball shoe. As the name suggests this is the first sneaker from the collaboration between NBA superstar Luka Doncic from Dallas Mavericks and  Air Jordan. It was first introduced on September 23rd 2022, 3 years after the player signed the collaboration with the Jumpman brand and just 4 years after his debut in the NBA. He was known for wearing the Air Jordan 36 and the Separate in his first season. Given his position as a point/shooting guard Jordan has created this new shoe for his multidirectional play, adding some new features and technologies to support his game. Among these is the new Formula 23 foam and the IsoPlate system which together deliver better support and stability. 

How They Fit

We got our hands on a pair in black and white nicknamed “Reverse Orca”, our favorite look for this shoe given how it enhances its design lines. At a first try they feel very comfortable on foot with no need to break them in. They fit true to size with plenty of room for those with wider feet. Our Jordan brand shoes size chart can help if you’re still unsure about your size. 

Jordan Luka 1 white black DN1772 1072

Jordan Luka 1 white black DN1772 1071


The upper of the Jordan Luka 1 features a mesh upper that blends with Flywire cables from the forefoot all the way to the ankle area. It makes up for a combination that adds durability to the shoe. However, what we came to find out during our Jordan Luka 1 review is that the upper mesh setup does not deliver much breathability on indoor courts where otherwise this shoe really shines. The Flywire cables are anchored in the lacing system and the synthetic leather that encloses the mesh, adding support in the upper of the shoe. This helps with the lockdown feature mainly provided by the double ankle padding and the three piece tongue which secure the feet in place. The toe box is roomy which makes it a good option for those with wider fit all while keeping the feet secure with the torsion plate in the sole. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit features the new Formula 23, same used for the Jordan 37 which is foam that is covered with Phylon and encapsulated by the new IsoPlate. This kind of setup is surely an improvement to the similar ones the Jordan brand tried before with the React midsole. This is mainly because the Formula 23 has some room to expand in the midsole and the IsoPlate helps with keeping the foot on the footbed when sudden forward and backwards steps are taken, moves that guards do quite often. The side pods, aside from being a nice design piece, also work with the shank plate to deliver stability. While the Formula 23 does not provide much bounciness it is providing good cushioning and support with every step. In this regard the Zoom Freak 4 surely delivers better. The translucent outsole rubber pattern is linear in the back and side to side towards the front which adds great traction to this sneaker when playing on indoor courts. However, on outdoor courts, this effect is lessened and also it is prone to wear out quite fast. 

Jordan Luka 1 white black DN1772 1073

Jordan Luka 1 white black DN1772 1074

Bottom Line

To conclude our Jordan Luka 1 review this is an excellent basketball shoe, especially for guards. It is best suited for indoor play where the grip will be superior and they will last longer. The Formula 23 foam offers good cushioning with moderate energy return while the new shank plate does a great job keeping the foot secure in place even when you make sudden moves. It is a shoe that you can also wear casually or in the gym as it delivers excellent support and stability. At $110 retail price is a mid budget shoe, between the Impact 4 and the Zoom Freak.  It offers a great value, making it one of the best basketball shoes on the market today.