As we came across a pair of Jordan Luka 2 sneakers this week we decided to give it a closer look and review its design. Luka Doncic debuted these on the court in the spring of 2023 in the “Space Hunter” colorway, the same one that we are able to get on sale almost a year later. That was a nice occurrence given that the retail price went up $10 from the previous version. 

Design and Aesthetics

The Jordan Luka 2 design is quite different from the first edition all while featuring similar tech. This new design puts an even bigger emphasis on stability and lockdown with a more solid upper construction and by using two TPU extensions in the front and midfoot. Overall the silhouette has some reminiscence of the retro Jumpman line given especially by layout of the upper synthetic overlays. In fact,  the shoe is advertised to be 100% synthetic materials which especially vegans will appreciate. This version is slightly heavier than the previous but also more durable, at least when it comes to the upper materials. 

Comfort and Fit

The Jordan Luka 2 fits true to size with an overall snug fit. If you like to have some extra room and feel more comfortable from the get go you can try going a half size up. However, you need to keep in mind that in this case you may have the synthetic part from the top of the toe box bend against your feet and get feet sore, at least until you break them in. Also, depending on the shape of your feet the TPU elongation in the front may rub you the wrong way so if you can try a pair in store before you buy or at least check out the Jordan shoes size chart before getting a pair. 

At first they feel a bit rigid; they require some break in period. They feature ample padding around the heel collar and tongue which add to the comfort you feel as you put them on.

Luka Doncic basketball shoes black1

Jordan Luka 2 review

Luka Doncic basketball shoes black3


The Jordan Luka 2 was built to match the needs of Luka Doncioc so it’s focused on stability and lockdown in which regards they truly shine. They have a 7mm heel to toe drop similar to the first edition which in comparison are a bit more elevated, yet still providing a close to court feel. 

The TPU heel counter feels very solid and adds more balance especially on landings. As with the first edition they feature an ISO plate in a zig zag shape that can be seen for some models that feature the translucent outsole. This plate gives you an extra spring on lateral movements. 

Cushioning and Support

The midsole features the Formula 23 foam, same as the first edition with some adjustments that include a layer of Cushlon 3.0 that adds some extra cushioning, especially in the heel area. The insole is not the usual EVA but a Dreamcell insert which is certainly a step up. Overall they have a similar feel to the Luka 1, slightly softer. For this review I tried them indoors and they felt very stable, with an excellent lockdown.


In terms of traction they feature a similar outsole pattern with the first edition. They performed well indoors but they picked up dust pretty quick which took away from the initial grip on the court. Also, this pattern with thin ribs tends to wear out pretty fast outdoors so I cannot recommend them for such courts. 

Luka Doncic basketball shoes black2

Luka Doncic basketball shoes black4


As you put these on they feel very solid, albeit a bit stiff, at least at the beginning. The upper design adds durability with its combination of mesh and synthetic overlays. The tongue was designed to stay in place better and the TPU panels give it a more firm structure. The issue is with the outsole which on outdoor courts wears out easily. 


The upper was reinforced with the synthetic overlays which also add some durability but they take away some of the breathability. Your feet will not get easily heated in these, however but in this regard they are not top of the line for sure. The Jordan One Take 4 or the Jordan 38 are better in this department. 


To wrap up this review, the Jordan Luka 2 is a step in the right direction for the Luka Doncic series. It is a more solid shoe that delivers even better stability and lockdown. It’s a shoe that would work on the court better for some than others. Guards and wings will probably get the best benefits out of them. While the $130 price tag may seem a bit high you can find them on sale nowadays for as low as $100 which is an excellent value for your money.