Russel Westbrook budget basketball shoe, the Jordan One Take 4 makes the subject of our review section this week. In 2018 , already after several years of prolific collaboration with the Jordan brand, the renowned NBA star got his signature sneaker with the release of the Jordan WhyNot series. A couple of years later the One Take was introduced as a more affordable alternative to the main line. Fast forward at the end of 2022 the fourth edition hit the shelves just before Christmas, with the same price tag as the previous iterations, $100. A year later we came across a pair on sale for the black and gold version and we decided to check out its features. 

First Impressions 

In terms of overall style the Jordan One Take 4 stays on the same track with the first editions, keeping the same tech and the midsole wavy look. At a first glance I really liked the design, which is more streamlined than the other editions in my opinion. The first thing you’ll notice about these is how light they are. Size 13 weighs 12.69oz which is pretty outstanding. The materials, however, feel pretty cheap which is somewhat to be expected from a $100 performance basketball shoe.

How They Fit 

The Jordan One Take 4 fits true to size with a roomy toe box. However, the mesh in the forefront has some elasticity so those with narrow feet may have an issue with the lockdown as their feet may be prone to slide side to side when on court. Those with normal to slightly wide feet may get the best of these for this reason. As usual, going a half size up is always an option if you need the extra room. If unsure about your size you can check out the Jordan shoes size chart here.

Jordan One Take 4 black gold 5

Jordan One Take 4 black gold 3

Jordan One Take 4 black gold 1


The upper is made of synthetic leather and a see thru ripstop fabric backed up by a mesh sockliner. This makes it so it is super breathable, probably the best air flow you’ll get from a basketball shoe nowadays. Through the ripstop fabric you can see the straps that connect the lacing system to the midsole for enhanced lockdown. In this regard the shoe offers decent support but it depends a lot on the shape of your feet and style of play. The tongue has no padding whatsoever which may be a turn off for some but it fits with the overall minimalistic look and the midsole cushion. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Jordan One Take 4 is made of a full length Phylon midsole with a Zoom Air unit in the front. The Phylon foam is not the softest so this shoe does not deliver much cushioning on your landings. The Zoom Air unit, albeit on the small size does an excellent job in providing cushion in the forefront but also some bounce back energy when playing in these. The shoes feature a TPU shank which usually plays the role of adding stability and support while playing basketball. It does a good job but it is to be noted that this is also on the smaller size so its support it’s not the best compared to other performance basketball shoes out there.

The EVA Phylon foam is covered by a rubber midsole that acts like a cupsole, having a shape that adds great stability to the shoe. The herringbone patterned outsole does an excellent job in terms of traction, especially indoors. The outsole is pretty durable, something that you’ll notice if you use these extensively outdoors. 

Jordan One Take 4 black gold 4

Jordan One Take 4 black gold 2

Who Are These For? 

First of all , these are for Russell Westbrook’s fans who are in need of an affordable basketball shoe and are ready to forgive its shortcomings. In terms of basketball this sneaker is made for agile players so guards will likely make the most out of it. It provides excellent stability and traction so it can even transcend its basketball purpose to other sports, especially for indoors play like tennis or pickleball. Taking them to the gym is another option, they are stable enough for weightlifting and you’ll certainly enjoy the excellent air flow they provide. 

Bottom Line 

Before taking on this Jordan One Take 4 review I heard many opinions about this shoe. Sneakerheads and seasoned basketball players who have been testing other similar models will likely be turned off by the lack of cushion and the quality of the materials. At this price range there are a few other decent options that offer more cushioning if that is what you need. The Nike Air Max Impact 4 or the Nike Kyrie low are two of these options. Personally I like the design of these and I found it to be a versatile shoe which for me is a big plus in terms of what you get for your money. While not the best budget basketball shoes on the market, if you get them at the right price like I did they provide a great value.