Adidas is gearing up for an exciting collaboration with nu-metal band Korn that will include shoes and apparel, scheduled for release in October. This partnership, known as the “Korn x Adidas” project, will feature two special edition sneakers—the Campus 00s and the Supermodified—along with seven pieces of apparel.

This collaboration between Adidas and Korn was first reported by Kicks Finder on Twitter in February. When contacted for details, both Adidas and Korn remained tight-lipped about the project.

Korn’s association with Adidas dates back to the 1990s when the band’s members frequently sported Adidas gear. In 1997, Korn even released a song titled “A.D.I.D.A.S.,” humorously playing on the idea that Adidas stands for “all day I dream about sex.”

The two sneakers in this collection, the Korn x Adidas Campus 00s and the Supermodified, each have their unique style and characteristics. The Campus 00s reflects the ’90s and ’00s aesthetics with a bulky, skate-inspired design. It features the Korn logo on the right tongue, guitar pick keychains, and artwork from Korn’s album “Life Is Peachy” on the insoles. The Supermodified, based on the classic Superstar model, retains the signature shell toe and embodies the chunky skate shoe trend of the late ’90s. It also features the Korn logo on the right tongue, guitar pick keychains, and album artwork on the insoles.

Alongside the sneakers, the Korn x Adidas apparel collection offers fans various options to express their love for the band. It includes two T-shirts with distinctive Korn graphics, a black and white Korn logo hoodie, and two tracksuits—one in sequins and the other in black and white.

Adidas and Korn are taking us on a trip down memory lane with this collaboration, blending music history with fashion. Sneaker enthusiasts and Korn fans alike can look forward to the release on October 27th, as this partnership promises to deliver a unique fusion of style and musical nostalgia.