This week we got a pair of adidas Grand Court 2.0 in white, navy and gum so we had to take a closer look and review its design. This is a budget friendly, retro inspired sneaker made for everyday casual wear. Both Adidas and Nike have a “Court” series and they all share some characteristics such as a clean, simple design with a solid rubber sole and a relatively lower price than the classic models. As the name suggests the design was inspired from the tennis shoes from the late 70’s but they are not considered tennis shoes as they were made for every day use. While this year Nike has the Court Royale and the Court Legacy, the German brand is competing with the Grand Court and the VL Court. For the Grand Court 2.0 Adidas used a similar strategy to Nike to use low cost materials that contain recycled materials to keep the price low but also be eco conscious as a brand. It is a smart marketing point that works very well to score points with the conscious consumers while saving on production costs.

How They Fit 

Out of the box the adidas Grand Court 2.0 feels plushy and comfortable but given how hard the sole is and the upper synthetic leather they need a bit of a break in. The toebox felt pretty roomy for me so if you have slightly wider feet the usual size may actually work for you unless you want to go up a half size just to be on the safe side. If you want to check out the Adidas shoes size chart you can do it here.

adidas grand court white gum mens1

adidas grand court white gum mens2


The upper of the Adidas Grand Court 2.0 is made of synthetic leather made of at least 50% recycled materials. If you are used to wearing the classic models these materials may feel a bit cheap, especially the tongue which is made of some sort of nylon thin material. This is a shoe that you can wear in the spring or fall given that there isn’t much air flow in the shoe other than what the tongue lets in. Other than the tongue the upper feels pretty cushioned, with just enough padding in the heel and in the sole insert. Here we find the signature Cloudfoam technology which is in essence an re-engineered EVA foam in an insole. It does a great job in keeping the feet comfortable but it wears out after a while. For this Adidas Grand Court 2.0 review we only tried them on for a few hours and they felt great when running errands and wearing them casually but when walking for longer distances they did not provide much support. 

Sole Unit

The sole unit is made of a hard, durable rubber that has hidden in the midsole some compartments that tend to bend a bit and rebound when walking around and thus delivering some cushion. This is the standard setup from the classics, so if you had a pair of Superstars, Samba or Gazelle you know what to expect. I always find these soles to be very durable. Even the outsole pattern is the standard herringbone which works just fine for a shoe that was designed for everyday wear. 

adidas grand court white gum mens4

adidas grand court white gum mens3

Bottom Line 

To wrap up our adidas Grand Court 2.0 review, these are good everyday sneakers if you’re on a budget and looking for a clean looking, classic inspired sneaker. There are many colors available which makes these appealing for both men, women and kids alike. It is very easy to match it with any attire and is great for a shoe that you can wear pretty much anywhere and make it your “beater” shoe. It is fairly durable as long as you take care of the upper materials.