With their stylish and classy looks, Lacoste shoes for men have won our hearts for years with great products that stand the test of time. Lacoste is high-end footwear, accessories, and clothing brand named after one of its founders, Rene Lacoste whose love for the tennis game was undeniable. In fact, he has won in the Wimbledon twice, French Open three times, and the US Open twice. Naturally, he used his Lacoste tennis shirts with the trademark green crocodile embroidered logo thus earning the nickname, “The Crocodile” on the courts.

By 1952, Lacoste was being called the upper classman’s wardrobe because of its preppy design to the point of being included in the Official Preppy Handbook published in 1980. The footwear came soon after this along with perfume, lifestyle glasses, watches, and leather goods.

The worldwide franchise for producing the Lacoste tennis footwear (Lacoste Chaussures) was given to family-run Pentland Group, a global company based in North London and run by Stephen Rubin. Aside from Lacoste footwear, this company used to own 55% of Reebok until it sold it in 1991 and in the same year began a business relationship with the Lacoste family.

The Lacoste shoes for men are made by Lacoste and showcase the same classic look that has inspired many with its stylish simplicity and high versatility. The trainers, sneakers, and boat shoes are one of the most popular brands in the world because of their crisp, clean style and use of high quality materials. The footwear is well constructed and comfortable. With their classic subdued colors and shades, they work extremely well with most outfits.

Aside from the sports footwear, Lacoste also offers sandals, flats, boots and low-heeled casual shoes for men, women and children. Compared to many other brands, Lacoste is one that never grows old. You can wear them for years and they will look as trendy and stylish today just as they did more than 15 years ago.

Lacoste shoes are definitely for the discerning shopper who prefers quality products to “in-the-moment” styles. There is nothing wrong with having both but only Lacoste will keep looking good long after the trends have come and gone.

The Lacoste Sneakers

There are different styles under the Lacoste sneakers category like Ampthill, Giron, Missouri, Bardos, Marcel, Misano, and Graduate, to name a few. They range from sporty to casual and can be used for walking, hiking, and daily wear. You can choose from low to high top trainers and from sneaker-style to rubber shoe style. Also the trainers come in leather or canvas and a separate style known as skater shoes so there are a lot of choices available – all of which come with the highly desirable Lacoste logo.

The Lacoste Boat Shoes

There are 3 styles of Lacoste boat shoes you can choose from that are popular and immediately recognized for being sturdy, elegant, and comfortable. They are the Keelson, Landsailing, and MIsano boat shoes. All models are lace-ups in subdued neutral colors with excellent grip.

There is just one word to describe the Lacoste boots for men, women, and children: “Amazing!” These are the kind of shoes you want to have for keeps. Each design is a refreshing new concept in boots like the Delevan lace-up boots which have a rugged appeal or the fine and fancy leather Sherbrooke boots that come in light brown, dark grey, and dark green.

Lacoste shoes will give you tremendous value and mileage for your money. If there are any shoes in the world that you can take care of and pass on to your kids, Lacoste is it, it’s the brand loved and desired by many.