Today we take a closer look and review the features of the Nike Air Max 270, one of the most popular sneakers on the market for the past couple of years. Ever since its release in February 2018, the Nike Air Max 270 has become an iconic silhouette and a hot topic of discussion amongst sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts. Vast popularity of the sneaker gained ground in February 2018 and the buzz was infectious. This was accelerated more so as global superstar Drake endorsed the sneakers further by wearing various colourways in his hit single ‘God’s Plan’, also released in February 2018. The sneaker helped to establish Nike at a time where Adidas had been gaining ground with their Yeezy and Ultra Boost collections. 

True to Nike’s Air Max tradition, the sneaker incorporates the brand’s air cushion technology. However, Nike has innovated a new design mechanism within the midsole which is a step away from the conventional Air Max bubble and unique signature of the Air Max 270. Today we take a look at the Black, White and University Red colourway; reminiscent of the iconic ‘Bred’ colours from Nike x Jordan brand. Out of the box the shoes look and feel great, with bold features that catch the eye and even give you an extra couple of inches in height. They are lightweight, breathable and need no break in. They surely look like a style prone to become a classic in the brand’s iconic lineup of their Air Max series.

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Nike Air Max 270 black yellow


There’s no doubt about it, the Air Max range has a positive reputation on the street for its style, durability and most of all comfort. The Air Max 270 model lives up to expectations by any means. Aesthetically, the sneaker offers a sleek lifestyle look which is enhanced by a mix of materials to give the shoe a premium feel. The Upper is made from seamless, soft perforated mesh which provides a snug/sock type fit and enables maximum breathability. This material makes it very breathable and while the large perforations align with the shoe’s overall bold design they are a vulnerability, being easy to tear in rough conditions. While I did not experience this others have complained which makes the case that these are made to be worn casually and not much for hiking or off road running. 

Nike has also thrown out the conventional lacing eyelets from the forefoot and have replaced it with lace loops to allow the rope-like laces to flow effortlessly up the sneaker. It’s difficult not to notice that this is a Nike sneaker, the lateral side of the shoe is brandished with a double swoosh whilst Air Max logos are embroidered into the tongue and heel tab. The back of the shoe is made of a more solid, durable material that is sewn to the forefront mesh and serves as an elongation of the whole bold heel construction.  


The outsole is by far the foregrounding feature of this model. The Air Max 270 has established a signature for itself with the new oversized air unit, which is the largest Nike has ever produced measuring at 32mm thick. As you can imagine, this enables the shoe to feel as though you are walking on clouds and boasts performance enhancing qualities. The TPU cage in the heel adds stability to the shoe all while enhancing the bold looks given by the oversized Air Max unit. The whole sole construction makes this sneaker great for casual wear and for light gym but not so much as a serious running shoe. The bold features give this shoe an impressive look but makes it quite bulky for long runs. The forefront is made of Phylon which is made of multiple layers of EVA foam, a material that offers stability with optimal cushioning. The Air Max 270 runs true to size , however , if you are not sure what size to get you can check the Nike shoes size chart here

Aesthetically Nike have overcome a feat once labelled impossible, they have managed to manufacture a heel which is completely transparent.  The rubber air unit is often showcased in bright colours which contrasts the rest of the midsole. It seems as though the whole sneaker has been designed around the air unit as the midsole, the upper and even the perforated holes follow the same angle dimensions as the impressive air unit.

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Are Nike Air Max 270 running shoes?

The Nike Air Max 270, despite incorporating air cushion technology in its sole, is not recommended as a serious running shoe. It is more suitable for casual wear, light gym use, and stylish gym activities due to its oversized air unit, stability, and comfort features.

Are Nike Air Max 270 good for working out?

The Nike Air Max 270 is suitable for light gym activities and casual wear. Its stability and heel cushion, provided by the oversized Air Max sole, make it a stylish choice for gym sessions, but it may not be ideal for frequent, intense workouts.

Are Nike Air Max 270 good for walking?

Yes, the Nike Air Max 270 is well-suited for walking. Its oversized air unit, cushioning, and stability features contribute to a comfortable walking experience. It provides good energy return and arch support for long hours of wear.

Are Nike Air Max 270 good for standing all day?

The Nike Air Max 270 is considered a comfortable option for long periods of standing due to its cushioning, stability, and support features. It is suitable for everyday wear, making it a good choice for extended periods of standing.

The Bottom Line

To conclude this Nike Air Max 270 review, this is certainly an impressive style from Nike that is sure to become a classic among sneakerheads. It is great for casual wear and offers excellent comfort and support for long hours yet I cannot recommend it for frequent, long running sessions. It can make up for a stylish gym shoe , especially with the stability and heel cushion offered by the oversized Air Max sole. At $150 per pair this is an exquisite sneaker that will last as long as you use them mostly as an everyday sneaker. In 2023 Nike released the Air Max Pulse , a very similar model but with a retro look and improved stability.