Today we take a look and review the Nike Air Max Pulse , one of the most recent releases from the brand. This model was introduced on Air Max Day in 2023 along with the Nike Air Max 1 Big Bubble. While not as exciting as the latter, this new silhouette is surely a solid design that has the potential to turn into a classic over time. According to Nike its design has been inspired from London’s music scene, having the UK rapper Jeshi giving away free pairs just before its official release. Overall the Nike Air Max Pulse has a mix of retro and modern vibes, being in many ways similar to the Nike Air Max 270

How They Fit

The pair we came across was the cobblestone colorways which were among the first ones released. They come in a classic red Nike box which may seem a bit dull for a new release but if we consider its heavy retro influences it makes sense. They feature the new Air Max logo as well an extra small Swoosh logo on the side.  Out of the box they seem like a very solid pair that is made to last. They are not very lightweight for a lifestyle sneaker, with size 10 weighing almost 17oz. They fit true to size, however they get pretty narrow towards the front so you may want to go a half size if you are wide footed. If unsure about your Nike’s size check out this  size chart. Given the leather mudguard some break in time may be needed for some. They feel very comfortable with the first try, with just the right amount of cushion and bounciness.

Nike Air Max Pulse Cobblestone DR0453 0043

Nike Air Max Pulse Cobblestone DR0453 0042


The upper of the Nike Air Max Pulse is made of a mesh material with a 360 synthetic leather overlay. This is a move away from the seamless upper of the Nike Air Max 270 which has a much more futuristic look. The mesh is lightly padded and provides excellent breathability to the foot all while looking pretty durable. The leather mudguard gives this sneaker an unique look, especially on how it complements the big Swoosh logo on the mesh with the smaller one. It provides good protection from dirt in bad weather but also adds to the stability of the shoe. What we noticed from the beginning of our Nike Air Max Pulse review is how stable it is. Both the upper and the sole unit have been designed to excel in this department. The Upper and sole unit follow the same flow as with the Air Max 270, with a TPU heel tab that seems prolonged in the lower part of the shoe. 

Sole Unit 

The 270 Air Max unit catches the eye first when it comes to the sole unit of the Nike Air Max Pulse. A soft foam that seems to be Phylon is placed in the front, much like the Air Max 270. However, Nike added to this sneaker a point loaded cushioning system and a higher density foam that goes above the Air Max unit and in between the Phylon foam. The result is a much smoother transition from heel to toe compared to the Air Max 270. The sole also feels more stable, with excellent shock absorption in the heel and cushioning across the  whole sole without being too soft. While they are designed to be a lifestyle sneaker for casual wear you can use these for light athletic activities and even in the gym if you’re not planning to run. If you need a shoe to wear all day long this is a great choice. If you need extra support for your feet these are ready to go. 

A possible downside for the design of this shoe is the placement of the textile material to the back of the midsole; while it looks good it is glued in and it is prone to get dirty and over time even to come off. 

Nike Air Max Pulse Cobblestone DR0453 0044

Nike Air Max Pulse Cobblestone DR0453 0041

Are Nike Air Max Pulse Good for Running?

The Nike Air Max Pulse is primarily designed as a lifestyle sneaker with a blend of retro and modern aesthetics. While they offer excellent support, comfort, and stability for all-day wear, they are better suited for light athletic activities and casual wear rather than running. The sole unit, featuring a point-loaded cushioning system and a higher density foam, emphasizes a smooth transition from heel to toe, making them suitable for various activities but not specifically engineered for running.

Are Nike Air Max Pulse Comfortable?

The Nike Air Max Pulse are very comfortable comfortable. The sneakers feature a well-padded mesh upper, providing excellent breathability, and a cushioned sole unit with a point-loaded cushioning system for optimal comfort. The design includes a leather mudguard for stability and protection, contributing to the overall comfort of the shoe. The sneakers are suitable for extended wear, making them a great choice for those seeking comfort and support throughout the day.

Bottom Line  

To conclude this review Nike Air Max Pulse is surely a welcomed addition to the Air Max line of sneakers. If you got tired of the colorways Nike comes up with to refresh their retro models or you want to move away from the Air Max 270 and try something new, these are surely a great option. They provide excellent support for long hours of wear, great comfort and they are made to last. The $150 retail price seems fair when comparing it with the other models from this line. Nike already announced several new colorways to be released soon, giving a sign that these will likely become their flagship models for years to come. 

If still not convinced check out the On Cloudnova sneaker that is in about the same price range and delivers even better comfort.