Today we’ll have a closer look and review the features of the Nike LeBron Witness 7, one of the most popular sneakers nowadays.  Given its $105 retail price we did not include it in our recent list of budget friendly basketball shoes but it is the low cost option of the LeBron collab with Nike so it is still part of that category in many ways. Much like the Giannis Immortality or the KD Trey 5 was built with cost effective materials to make it more affordable. For the first 5 editions the shoes featured a Zoom unit in the forefront, for the 6th one Nike introduced a full length Air Max unit in the midsole which took it to a new level. In 2023, for the Witness 7 the brand used pretty much the same setup as the previous edition with just some aesthetic changes. 

How They Fit 

The pair we got to take a look at was the “Lakers” edition in black and purple that was one of the first colorways released at the end of 2022. At a first glance the shoes feel very lightweight given how it’s built. They fit true to size with a very forgiving toe box which those with wide feet will surely like. I would say that those with slimmer feet may not appreciate how roomy these are given that they may not get that lockdown feel as much as the others. If unsure about your size you can always check out our Nike shoes size chart

Nike LeBron Witness 7 Review

Nike LeBron Witness Lakers black purple3


The upper of the Nike LeBron Witness 7 is similar to the previous iteration, this time featuring a mesh material in a grid pattern. The mesh is delivering excellent breathability and helps a lot with keeping the shoe lightweight. It is quite flexible, however, which contributes to how roomy they feel but it also takes a bit away from the lockdown feel of the shoe. Nike kept the v shaped strap that connects the lacing system with the sole unit which helps a lot with the stability of the shoe. The front shape of the midsole is similar to the overlays of the Nike Air Max TW, released the same year.  The back of the shoe offers plenty of cushioning that goes in sync with the tongue and the lacing for a solid lockdown fit. 

Sole Unit 

Given how popular the Nike LeBron Witness 6 was in 2022 the brand made sure not to mess with the sole unit much. The most notable change is the shape of the TPU piece that elongates in the heel area for extra stability. The shoes feature a full length Air Max unit which is pretty rare at this price point. This feature makes it so the shoe offers superior shock absorption and energy return all without sacrificing stability. One of the first things we noticed while doing our Nike LeBron Witness 7 review is how they feel a bit high off the court at first. After a while of wearing them however that feeling went away and the shoes proved to be very stable. The outsole features the same herringbone pattern from the 6 which has some solid grooves that provide excellent traction that you can appreciate especially outdoors. 

Nike LeBron Witness Lakers black purple4

Nike LeBron Witness Lakers black purple1

Bottom Line 

To conclude our Nike LeBron Witness 7 review, this model is surely one of the best offerings for a basketball shoe in 2023 and beyond. It is a shoe that performs very well on both indoors and outdoor courts and it is quite durable. As you’d expect from a Nike shoe they are quite versatile when it comes to every day off court wear and even for light gym exercising. There are many colors to choose from and some can even be found on sale nowadays.