On has firmly established itself as a leader in the running shoe realm, captivating athletes with its groundbreaking designs and technology geared towards optimal performance. Recognizing the burgeoning interest in trail running, On took a significant stride forward by expanding its range to include trail shoes. Thus, in 2022 the On Cloudvista emerged, touted as a versatile trail companion promising comfort, agility, and resilience on rugged paths. This release came at a time when the brand also came out with other spin offs for their Cloud 5 model, such as the Cloudnova

The Cloudvista stepped onto the scene amid eager anticipation from the running community, its sleek aesthetics and touted features sparking interest. Infused with On’s hallmark CloudTec® and Helion™ midsole foam technology, this shoe features a Speedboard® akin to its predecessor, the CloudUltra, aimed at delivering both responsiveness and cushioning. Marketed as a road-to-trail shoe, the Cloudvista invites exploration across varied landscapes, ensuring a smooth journey over any terrain.

First Impressions

Unveiling the On Cloudvista for this review was an experience in itself. Its vibrant white, green, and blue color scheme immediately caught my attention, hinting at its dynamic character. Slipping them on for the first time, I was struck by their lightweight nature, despite their robust appearance. Weighing in at 11.21 oz for a size 11, they struck a perfect balance between substantial support and nimble agility, setting them apart in my collection of trail shoes.

Comparing them to other trail shoes in my repertoire, the Cloudvista stood out with its refined design and meticulous craftsmanship. The attention to detail was palpable, from the precisely engineered upper to the innovative sole unit, instilling a blend of style and performance that piqued my curiosity.

How They Fit

Fit reigns supreme in trail running shoes, and the Cloudvista didn’t disappoint. Offering a snug yet comfortable feel, they provided the necessary support without feeling restrictive. However, I did notice that individuals with wider feet or specific foot concerns might need to opt for a larger size for a more accommodating fit. If unsure about your size with On brand you can check out their size chart here

Straight out of the box, the Cloudvista felt decent, but they did require a brief break-in period to fully mold to my foot shape. Once broken in, they provided a secure and cushioned ride, empowering me to tackle diverse terrains with confidence.

On Trail Shoes Cloudvista2

On Trail Shoes Cloudvista1

Upper Construction

The Cloudvista’s upper underscores On’s commitment to quality and performance. Crafted from breathable materials, it kept my feet cool and dry, even during rigorous runs. While not entirely waterproof, it offered ample protection from light moisture and debris, rendering it suitable for most trail conditions.

A standout feature is the secure fit across the midfoot and heel, courtesy of the TPU mudguard and gusseted tongue. While I tested them for this review on the trails along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, they provided stability and assurance on uneven terrain, facilitating seamless navigation of trails.

Sole Unit

Boasting On’s renowned cushioning technology, the Cloudvista’s sole unit furnishes a responsive and supportive ride. The fusion of CloudTec® and Helion™ midsole foam strikes a harmonious balance between cushioning and energy return, ensuring a fluid transition with each step.

The Missiongrip™ outsole delivers reliable traction on various surfaces, from rocky trails to muddy paths. While the sole unit may feel slightly rigid initially, it gradually softens over time, offering heightened comfort without compromising performance.

On Trail Shoes Cloudvista4

On Trail Shoes Cloudvista3

What Are On Cloudvista Good For?

In my experience, the On Cloudvista shines in versatility, catering to a broad spectrum of trail running adventures. Whether conquering technical terrain or embarking on leisurely jaunts along smoother paths, the Cloudvista furnishes the agility and support requisite for overcoming any challenge.

From short training runs to grueling long-distance races, the Cloudvista seamlessly adapts to your pace and terrain, serving as a steadfast companion for all outdoor pursuits. Whether you’re a seasoned trail aficionado or a novice explorer, the Cloudvista affords the performance and comfort necessary to elevate your endeavors.

Are Cloudvista Waterproof?

While the Cloudvista offers a degree of water resistance, it’s imperative to note that it’s not entirely waterproof. While it shields against light moisture and debris, it may not withstand heavy rainfall or immersion in water. For wetter conditions, it’s advisable to pair them with waterproof socks or consider alternative footwear options.

Bottom Line

In conclusion for my review, the On Cloudvista emerges as a versatile and dependable trail shoe that lives up to its acclaim. With its comfortable fit, responsive cushioning, and durable construction, it caters to runners of all proficiencies. While not without its minor imperfections, such as limited waterproofing and initial stiffness, the Cloudvista presents a compelling amalgamation of performance and style that’s bound to leave an impression. Whether embarking on a leisurely trail jog or pushing your limits in a race, the Cloudvista stands ready to accompany you on your next adventure.