This week we came across a pair of On Cloudnova shoes and we could not miss the chance to review its features. Incorporated in 2010, the On company is the newest major player in the footwear industry. The Swiss brand first introduced on the market the On Cloud running shoe, one that gained immense popularity with every new version released. This was due to its stylish design, comfort but mainly to its patented signature Cloudtec midsole which has a distinct look and delivers ultimate cushion and energy return. For the past few years the company has evolved more and more by adding new styles to their lineup and even a collaboration with Roger Federer that go beyond the performance running shoes niche. The On Couldnova is one of these new designs that debuted in 2020 as the first everyday sneaker for the brand.  It was one of the first spin offs of the main Cloud 5 model, being followed by many others, including the Cloudvista in 2022. 

How They Fit 

The pair we got on hand was a special release for JD Sports and Finish Line in white and tan. Out of the box the shoes look very sleek and stylish that stay true to the On brand characteristics. They are very lightweight, with a size 12 weighing just 12oz. They are built to fit like a sock so they do feel a bit snug on your feet. In my case I decided to go up ½ size that what I normally wear in other brands. If you are not sure about your size you can check out our On shoes size chart

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On Cloudnova white tan3


The upper of the On Cloudnova sneaker is seamless and it’s made of an engineered mesh similar to the one from the On Cloud 5 running shoe. It provides the same excellent breathability the flagship model is known for. The toebox is quite roomy, however it’s worth noting for those with high arches that the mesh in the toe box runs low. The upper is built for everyday wear and not as a traditional running shoe. Therefore the tongue is elongated and the heel is a bit high which may bother those using these for long distance running. This is one of the first things I noticed while doing this On Cloudnova review. The comfort is there, however and the mid top silhouette makes this model one of the most stylish on the market, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the On Cloudnova shoes feature the signature Cloudtec and Speedboard signature technology. The first one is the proprietary cushioning system from the On brand that delivers smooth landings and explosive returns. The Speedboard is a liquid-injected plate of thermoplastic polymer that works in sync with the Cloudtec to amplify the energy return of the midsole. The result is ultimate comfort but also it makes it so you use less energy with every step so your feet will not feel tired even after a whole day of wearing these. They also have a 14mm heel to toe trop which is a bit above standard and adds more ease to the heel to toe transition for a smooth ride. The outsole pattern is similar to the one from the Cloud 5 which works great for an everyday shoe. Keep in mind however that the groove in the middle may catch a stone or two if you’re walking on rubble with these.

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Are On Cloudnova good for running?

Yes, the On Cloudnova shoes appear to be suitable for running, as they feature On’s patented Cloudtec midsole, known for providing ultimate cushioning and energy return. The sole unit, which includes the Cloudtec and Speedboard technologies, contributes to smooth landings and explosive returns, making them comfortable for short, slow-paced runs. Additionally, the 14mm heel-to-toe drop enhances the heel-to-toe transition for a smooth ride. While the design is more focused on everyday wear, the Cloudnova is versatile enough to be used for running activities.

Are On Cloudnova good for walking?

Yes, the On Cloudnova shoes are great for long walks. The engineered mesh upper offers excellent breathability and comfort for everyday wear, and the seamless design contributes to a sleek and stylish look. The Cloudtec midsole, combined with the Speedboard technology, provides comfort and support for long hours, making them ideal for walking. The 14mm heel-to-toe drop and the outsole pattern, similar to the one in the Cloud 5, make these shoes suitable for various everyday activities, including walking.

Bottom Line 

All in all our On Cloudnova review met and even exceeded our expectations about this shoe when it comes to comfort and support. If you want to stand out in the crowd this is the shoe to wear. At a $160 price tag it is in the same range with some of the most expensive sneakers from Nike and Adidas. More than anything they deliver excellent comfort and support for long hours which makes them ideal for those looking for a stylish pair of shoes to wear all day. They provide great energy return which will make your feet feel less tired which makes them one of the best shoes for walking as well as a good option for medical staff to wear during long shifts.  the market today. They were designed for everyday wear but you can also wear them for short, slow paced runs or light gym activity. For the price you pay you get a dependable, durable all around shoe with a Swiss design flair. Its is an excellent alternative for the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton L which is in the same price range.  However, if you’re looking for a more clean look, the On THE ROGER Spin is surely worth checking out while the Cloudtilt is another model that offers even better cushioning than the Cloudnova.