Over the past decades the new collaboration between a footwear brand and a luxury car giant brought us the Puma Ferrari shoes. Although sibling bitterness was what started Puma, there was no sign of personal rivalry between Adidas and Puma when in 2009 both companies played a friendly game of soccer. Of course, by this time both companies were owned by other entities unrelated to the brothers and the Dassler brothers had already passed away, Rudi in 1978 and Adi in 1974. Nonetheless, the game was symbolic of the end of the decades-old feud.

Today Puma is a strong brand especially among runners and active athletes because of its basic design is timeless which means it will never go out of style. Just recently, it launched 4 new iconic special edition Puma Ferrari shoes under the Puma-Ferrari partnership to commemorate a 10 year successful business relationship. Initially, the agreement between these 2 companies was for 6 years with Puma carrying the Ferrari logo and being the supplier of racewear for the Ferrari Scuderia Team. Puma has developed a fire retardant technology for the clothing and racing shoes of the team. The gear is also remarkably lightweight. Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso have openly declared their racing outfits to be one of the safest in the circuit and a major factor in their Formula One performances.

The PUMA Ferrari Shoes

The 4 designs are called the FutureCat SF 10, PUMA Suede Ferrari, Mobium Elite Speed Ferrari, and the evoSPEED 1.3 F947 FG – all of which were inspired by the Scuderia Ferrari race team. This racing team was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 and is the oldest and most successful racing tea in Formula 1 history. Some of the great names in racing were part of this team like Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher, and Kimi Räikkönen.

With the 2015 Formula One races in Melbourne, the launch of these new Puma Ferrari shoes could not be more timely. Ferrari is out for redemption as are its 2 drivers, No 5 Sebastian Vettel and No 7 Kimi Räikkönen.

The FutureCat 10

Weighting 11.7 ounces, this pair of shoes is actually a re-launch of the first 2005 Puma Ferrari collection. It has the Puma Formstrip, a Ferrari Rosso Corsa Red leather upper, and classic FutureCat tooling. You will also notice the on the heels the official Scuderia Ferrari Race Shield. It comes in gorgeous black, classic blue, Rosso Corsa, and white with Rosso Corsa. It has a unique rubber outsoles and leather uppers which makes them comfortable for both driving and walking but stylish at the same time. It is designed with a combinatyion of full grain leather and synthetic leather.

The Mobium Elite Speed Ferrari

In beautiful red, white, black, and yellow colors, the Mobium Elite Speed Ferrari for men is shockingly different because of its aggressive adaptive four-way stretch upper. It works seamlessly with the midsole and outsole adaptive tech to make running feel comfortable yet sturdy. It also has enhanced cushioning and expansion pods and is perfect for the forefoot or midfoot striker. The Mobium band is placed strategically on the outsole in a figure 8 pattern to protect your tendons and improve absorption.

The evoSPEED

There are only 947 pairs of the football boots evoSPEED 1.3 F947 FG available. It is an ultra light shoe designed for speed and comes in classic Ferrari colors with the Ferrari shield on the front and heel of each shoe.

Puma Ferrari Apparel and Accessories

Puma has also created a separate line of casual, comfortable, and stylish Puma Ferrari shoes and accessories as lifestyle choices. Aside from the shoes like the Ferrari Primo, Ferrari Tech Everfit, Drift Cat, Valorosso, Limitate, Alekto, NuBuck Driving Power, Urban Racer, Sneaker Future Cat, and Supequalo Vintage, there are also jackets, shirts, sweatpants, bags, backpacks, belts, scarves, hats, and wallets. There are a total of 35 shoe models for children, 43 designs for men, and 1 for women plus 2 that can be used by both men and women. The most expensive is the Puma Limitate mid Scuderia at around US$380 to $39 for the Scuderia Ferrari infant shoes. The choices for bags, hats, wallets, and clothing may be limited but they are all extremely classy and true to the Ferrari traditional colors.

All the Puma Ferrari shoes along with the other products of the collaboration are outstanding symbols of excellence in craftsmanship, success, and style. Wearing a pair of Puma Ferrari casual, running, or sports shoes, clothing, or any of the accessories will always make you stand out because of the distinct and instant recognition of 2 of the world’s top brands.

Unsure about your shoe size? Check out the Puma shoes size chart here.