In the recent years shoemakers have come up with many innovations to enhance runners experience, from the advanced Nike Air Max unit to Asics’s midsole gel or Mizuno’s Wave Plate. Reebok ZJet Run running shoes is the latest from the well-known brand that uses an Air Motion technology to provide superior cushioning for every stride, a feature that each shoemaker tries to improve with every new pair without adding weight to the shoe.

The individual Air Motion units remind us of Asics Sendai’s heel gel units, it least with their looks and how they are added to the sole. Air Max technology comes in mind when looking at these but the way these work is different as Reebok ZJet Run running shoes solely work on air pressure. An interesting innovation from Reebok who’s still looking for a modern running shoe to compete with the advanced technology from its competitors. Can the ZJet be the one? There is one way to find out….Choose from 6 colorways ,now in sale for $79.98, down from their original retail price of $129.99.