Fans of the Bikini Bottom crew are getting spoiled this week with the release of the much anticipated Timberland  SpongeBob Squarepants collection. This comes just weeks after Kyrie’s Irving collaboration with Nickelodeon,  all being part of the 20th anniversary of the beloved series. This new release include two pairs of Timberland 6″ Premium Weatherproof boots along with a jacket, hoodie and short and long sleeved t shirts. They are all personalized with the much celebrated cartoon character, mainly in black and yellow.

The two pairs of boots are certainly at the center of the Timberland x SpongeBob Squarepants collection. The light blue pair depicts SpongeBob and Patrick chasing jellyfish. The classic keychain and tongue logo have been personalized for this special release. A pink pair of laces is also available for a more striking look. The black pair is more subtle, with SpongeBob’s face all over the tongue and the keychain. The side Timberland logo is personalized to look like a Krabby Patty that Plankton is chasing. The detailing on both of the boots are truly remarkable, making these a collector’s must have.

The Timberland x SpongeBob Squarepants collection is set to be released on September 13th 2019. The men’s boots retail for $220with a retail price yet to be determined. They are also available in boys sizes. Check out the retailers below for a chance to grab your pair.