The Simpsons x Adidas shoes collab is in the spotlight again with some new models coming out this fall, making it a good time to check out the best of the series so far. This collaboration started in 2021, adding to the ones the German brand already had at the time, like the ones with the Star Wars, Disney or the Lego franchises. The long-running animated television show created by Matt Groening in 1989 is not new to this type of collaboration, given their previous ones with Converse and Vans. Much like it was the case with these, The Simpsons x Adidas shoes series is focusing on creating new special edition shoes for their models by celebrating the characters or various aspects of the TV show. Some of them are very creative with a bold design like the adidas Superstar “Marge” while others are more subtle, like the Pro Model “Poochie”. As you’d expect the shoes come in sizes for the whole family while awaking some nostalgia from the parents. In this article we go over the best shoe models from this series that were released since this collaboration started.

The Simpsons x Superstar Marge Simpson'

Adidas Superstar Marge Simpson

Style# GZ1774 / GZ1773/ GZ1772


Released in 2022, the Adidas Superstar “Marge Simpson” is one of the most remarkable special editions of the classic sneaker, even if it was only released in kids sizes.The upper of this model features a soft, fuzzy fleece material that resembles Marge’s iconic blue hair while the heel tabs display playful, mismatched branding from “The Simpsons” and Adidas. Further, the shoe pays homage to the beloved animated sitcom with title motifs on the tongue tabs.

Adidas Forum Low Duff Beer

Adidas Forum Low Duff Beer

Style# H05801


Duff Beer, the iconic fictional beverage from the show, got its very own sneaker in 2021, being among the first of the series. This adidas Forum Lo pays homage to the beloved brew, resembling an aluminum beer can with its glossy synthetic exterior in vibrant red, gold, and silver. The brewery’s logo is prominently displayed on the tongue, while the can itself becomes a central feature as a lace dubrae.

Adidas Advantage El Barto

Advantage ‘El Barto’

Style# GZ5306


The Adidas Advantage “El Barto” is another significant release from this collab, very similar to the “Grand Court” that features a similar design.Crafted from pristine white leather, these sneakers exude a unique blend of simplicity and playful design. Notably, the unbranded lateral quarter pays tribute to Bart Simpson’s mischievous character, as he wields a spray can, casting a sly glance over his shoulder while spelling out “El Barto” in dripping black letters.

Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 El Barto

Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 “El Barto”



Also from the “El Barto” mini series comes this special edition of the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt. Released in 2021 this is one of the sneakers from The Simpsons x Adidas shoes series with a more subtle design with all artwork happening on the heel counter of the shoe. The shoe also comes in a predominant black colorway with yellow and white details that are often associated with Bart Simpson in the TV show.

adidas ZX 1000 'Flaming Moe's'

adidas ZX 1000 ‘Flaming Moe’s’



The ZX 1000 “Flaming Moe’s” pays a vibrant homage to the infamous drink created by Homer Simpson and famously stolen, then rebranded by Moe Szyslak of Moe’s Tavern. The beverage, much like the shoe, boasts a rich and lively purple hue with fiery red accents. A robust black trim reminiscent of the Superstar frames an upper crafted from purple mesh and suede. Red-orange details grace the midfoot and heel, with the latter featuring a striking fiery embroidered overlay.

The Simpsons x Stan Smith 'Homer Simpson'

Adidas Stan Smith ‘Homer Simpson’

Style# IE7564


This special edition of the Stan Smith sneaker brings back a memorable moment in Episode 16 of Season 5. It is about Homer’s comical retreat into the bushes after Ned Flanders rejects his offer to spend time together. The sneaker recreates this scene on the heel tab, with an embroidered portrayal of Homer hidden amidst lush, green chenille foliage, the addition of golden branding on the side and a distinctive portrait of Mr. Simpson adorning the tongue.

Adidas NMD G1 Homer Simpson

Adidas NMD_G1 Homer Simpson

Style# IE8468


Another remarkable Homer Simpson sneaker from this series is this 2023 edition of the adidas NMD G1. On this version of the shoe Homer himself playfully peeks out from behind the lateral 3-Stripes, which adopt a light brown suede mirroring Groening’s iconic character. The blue detailing, inspired by Homer’s pants, winds around the midfoot and spine, while his trademark “D’oh!” catchphrase is prominently featured on the tongue.

Adidas Rivalry Low 'Itchy'

Adidas x Rivalry Low ‘Itchy’

Style# IE7566


In 2023 Adidas included in this series some models dedicated to Itchy and Scratchy as well as Poochie. While these were cartoon characters within The Simpsons TV show they were always an integral part of it. The Adidas Rivalry “Itchy”  brilliantly captures the essence of its dynamic personality with retro-inspired colors and striking accents. This is another shoe where the subtle design and Simpsons-themed details perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Springfield.

Adidas adiFOM Superstar 'Clouds'

Adidas adiFOM Superstar ‘Clouds’

Style# IE8469


Until 2023 the iconic clouds that usher in every episode of “The Simpsons’  were only displayed on the customized boxes of some of the shoes in this series. In a creative twist, adidas has reimagined the adiFOM Superstar by adorning it with an all-over print featuring these familiar, fluffy masses of miniature liquid droplets. This sneaker not only pays homage to the show’s memorable introduction but also promises all-day comfort.

Adidas Rivalry High Scratchy

Adidas Rivalry High “Scratchy”

Style# IE7565


The second sneaker in the Itchy, Scratchy and Poochie mini series features the high version of the Rivalry sneaker in a gray and white colorway. As with the low version the customizing is minimal, with just an embroidered image of Scratchy on the side. The rest of the shoe stays true to the original classic design, a sneaker ready for the cold season ahead.

Adidas Pro Model 80s Poochie

Adidas Pro Model 80s “Poochie”



Poochie made a brief appearance in the Season 8 episode “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show,” The character, voiced by Homer Simpson in the episode, quickly fizzled out and was humorously sent off to outer space. This Pro Model SE sneaker, inspired by Poochie’s distinctive style, features premium black leather, a zip closure reminiscent of his jacket, and an embossed silhouette of Itchy, Scratchy, and Poochie.

Adidas Superstar Squishee

Adidas Superstar “Squishee”



The Kwik-E-Mart Squishee, inspired by Matt Groening’s playful take on the 7-Eleven Slurpee, has become an iconic fixture in the show. Many fans fondly remember its hilarious prominence in the beloved episode “Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood,’  where Bart and Milhouse enjoy an all-syrup super-Squishy-induced adventure. While this adidas Superstar pays homage to this timeless element of the series, it doesn’t explicitly reference the episode.

Adidas Superstar 360 Snowball

Adidas Superstar 360 Snowball



Another one of a kind sneaker is the  Adidas Superstar 360 Snowball, inspired by the Simpson family’s second feline companion. This classic lifestyle silhouette has been ingeniously reimagined to capture the essence of the black cat’s iconic appearance. With a tonal black furry upper, 3D green eyes, embroidered pink noses, whiskers, and mouths, this shoe is a whimsical tribute to the beloved character.

The Simpsons x Rivalry 86 Low Treehouse of Horror

Rivalry 86 Low ‘Treehouse of Horror’



This Rivalry 86 low special edition sneaker is inspired by the episode with the same name, released just in time just in time for Halloween. These unique kicks are meticulously crafted using a blend of materials in a seamless orange hue. The canvas, premium leather, and distressed textiles combine to pay homage to Bart Simpson and his sinister twin, Hugo, who were separated at birth.

In conclusion, The Simpsons x Adidas shoes collaboration has brought an array of creative and nostalgic shoe designs to footwear enthusiasts since its inception in 2021. From the iconic “Marge Simpson” Superstar to the unique “Squishee” Superstar, these special editions pay homage to beloved characters and moments from the show. With intricate details and subtle nods to the animated series, these sneakers offer a delightful fusion of fashion and pop culture. The latest addition, the “Treehouse of Horror” Rivalry 86 Low, is a perfect fit for the upcoming spooky season, representing yet another exciting chapter in this dynamic collaboration.