It does not happen very often to review a pair of Vans shoes but since we got the Caldrone model in stock we had to. This is a low key design from the California based footwear maker that surfaced in 2023 at multiple retail stores. While it retails at a similar price with the popular, classic models from Vans it is barely known to their fans. It is a casual sneaker with skate shoe elements such as the heavy padded tongue that takes cues from the 2000’s models from Enies, DC Shoes and Osiris. The pair we got was the one in anthracite and yellow, one that stands out from the several colorways available. At a first look they feel very solid, not only because of the classic vulcanized sole but also of the upper construction and thick tongue. 

How They Fit 

The Vans Caldrone sneaker fits true to size with a roomy toe box that will accommodate even those with wider feet. It is a heavy, solid shoe, with size 11 weighing almost 16oz. You will need to wear them a few times to break them in but they do get better with age. If you are not sure about your Vans sizing you can check out our size chart here.

Vans Caldrone Review2

Vans Caldrone black yellow2


The upper design of the Vans Caldrone takes inspiration from the Old Skool model, featuring a combination of suede and mesh. The layers are enforced by double stitching for extra durability and support. There are a few perforations in the toe box for some air flow but your feet will still get toasty on a warm summer day. At least that was my experience when I did this review. That is also because of the heavy padded tongue which is otherwise the skaters highlight for this shoe. Along with the ankle padding it makes for a nice lockdown and cushion which makes the shoe comfortable but also supportive when skating with them on. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit of the Vans Caldrone is one to match the solid upper construction. The traditional Vans vulcanized sole features enforcements in front and back, making it clear that they did not care about the weight of this shoe when they designed it but rather about making a very solid shoe. The cushioning you get from these is the classic EVA insert and some hidden chambers in the midsole, nothing special. It features a classic outsole pattern that works just fine for casual wear and skating. Overall the sole is flat which means that you get stability and a close to ground feel before anything else.

Vans Caldrone black yellow3

Vans Caldrone black yellow1

Bottom Line 

All in all, to conclude my Vans Caldrone review, these are nice pairs of shoes for those looking for a pair to wear casually while also being ready to skate if the opportunity arises. It is a great pair for kids or teens to take to school , they are made to last. It is certainly a shoe that some would have as a “beater” to wear while protecting your more expensive sneakers. It offers a great value, being often available under its retail price for several colorways.