The newest update to the adidas Busenitz skate shoe was recently released, in time to heat up the upcoming season. Created in honor of pro skateboarding star, Dennis Busenitz, the sneaker is possibly the best attempt by adidas to command the respect they deserve for contributing to skating footwear. The brand has been associated with the sporting activity from as far back as the 1990s, and has restated their claim for providing functional shoes for skaters in the likeness of the beautiful Busenitz. First appearing in 2011, subsequent editions have seen the sneaker grow from strength to strength as more people, skaters or not, have gravitated to its sleek, attractive design.


Although regarded as an authentic skating shoe, the adidas Busenitz borrows from iconic models from the brand, especially in the area of soccer. Adidas copied the features of the Copa Mundial and Samba soccer kicks and merged them with stand out details necessary for a true skater, to result in a shoe that rocks the rink while keeping it real on the streets. As far as branding is concerned, the trademark adidas stripes provide a striking effect to the sides of the shoes, making them recognizable anywhere.

With the latest edition being treated to technologically advanced materials, such as Gore-Tex, the shoe does not only look great but offers superior warmth and protection to the feet while skating or just hanging out. Additionally, it has a plush, cushiony interior that provides impact protection, and its slightly tapered toe allows the skater to perform flip-tricks which most skaters will appreciate.

The adidas Busenitz sneaker was built to provide the skater with a superior fit, whether performing daring feats on slippery surfaces or just taking a stroll. Unlike many traditional skating shoes, it has a gently-raised heel and a thin cup-sole that combine to provide enough support for the feet without being cumbersome. This easy fitting shoe is further enhanced by the fact that it is built with lightweight but durable materials.


For a true skating experience this upcoming season, the adidas Busenitz is definitely one that promises and delivers much. Its growing popularity is expected to place adidas firmly atop the pile when it comes on to high quality skating kicks.