Almost two years after its initial release I decided to take a closer look at the adidas Nite Jogger and review its features. This sneaker was introduced at the beginning of 2019 as part of adidas effort to expand their BOOST line. The design is a modern version of the 80’s model and, while it kept its name, it has moved away from a true running shoe more into a lifestyle sneaker. As the name suggests, the shoe has some reflective enhancements, a result of Adidas collaboration with the 3M brand. Since its release the sneaker hasn’t gotten much hype but adidas continued to come up with many colorways and it became a favorite everyday sneaker for many, especially since often it can be found under its retail price. It is in essence a modern lifestyle sneaker inspired from retro models, much like the Retropy F2 and E5 are.

I got my pair in sail white with dark gray recently and wore them all over the place and I can say that they performed quite well as a casual shoe. Out of the box they look good with the retro vibes but immediately it becomes clear that these are not running shoes, much because of the weight but also the flat, somewhat wide sole.

adidas Nite Jogger black sole5

adidas Nite Jogger black sole3

adidas Nite Jogger black sole6


The upper of the adidas Nite Jogger is a mix of materials from leather and mesh to synthetic overlays and 3M reflective materials. This is likely the main reason why there is some added weight on these. The shoes also feature a TPU cage around the heel that is much needed for a BOOST midsole as it adds stability. The shoes run just about the true size but if your feet are on the wide side you may want to go a size up or just avoid these all together. The retro, pointy forefront narrows the upper that otherwise is pretty wide. The elongated, retro inspired tongue and the flat laces with reflective details add some nice detailing to the shoe. They feel comfortable out of the box, with the mix of materials making it quite flexible as far as adjusting on your feet. They are quite breathable which may be a downside on a cold night walk but great in the gym for light exercises. However, what became clear for me during this adidas Nite Jogger review was that they are a no go for any serious running. They feel quite clunky and they are a bit on a heavy side for a runner. 

Sole Unit

Once again, the BOOST midsole takes the spotlight for this sneaker much like any other from this series. Especially since adidas figured out how to color the classic white foam the possibilities became endless as far as colorways go. The insole that sits on top is removable and made of regular EVA. The BOOST midsole on the Nite Jogger has a higher density than the UltraBOOST and even the NMDs which still makes them very comfortable but not as soft. Considering the upper construction that is quite complex this works great for this style. The heel cage, the density of the midsole and the shape of the outsole make this a quite stable sneaker. The whole sole unit construction makes it great for those with high arch, having the extra space on the sides but also good support. You can easily use these in the gym as training shoes and even lift some weight. The rubber outsole seems pretty durable, much like the entire shoe as a whole. The Nite Jogger runs about 1/2 size smaller than the regular adidas size, if you are not sure what size to get you can check out our adidas shoes size chart here.

adidas Nite Jogger black sole4

adidas Nite Jogger black sole1

Bottom Line

All in all, to conclude my adidas Nite Jogger review, these are some nice lifestyle sneakers with a good mix of modern technology and retro elements. Despite their name they are not much for jogging but rather for casual, everyday shoes where they perform great. They are very comfortable and they have the right balance of cushioning and stability to wear these for long hours with no issues. The main drawback is the retail price of $140 but the good news is that you can often find these for a lot less, as low as $70 – $80. There is not much hype around these but that’s a good thing if you want to score a pair of sneakers with BOOST midsole under retail.