This week we came across a pair of  adidas Retropy E5 sneakers in red and blue and got a chance to review its features.This is one of the latest styles from the German footwear brand released in 2021 in a series that also include the Retropy F2 sneaker, introduced a year later. As the name suggests , the sneaker aims to be a retro throwback in a modern, hybrid form. In many ways it reminds us about the Nite Jogger, another release from adidas in the past few years. Much like that one the Retropy is a casual sneaker that features the BOOST sole in a setup where running support is not the main goal. 

How They Fit

The pair we got was one of the first releases in 2022 in red, blue , white with a tan tongue. Out of the box the shoes look beautiful and surely feel comfortable right away without any need to break them in. They have the feel of a casual sneaker made to last. If not sure what size you need you can check out our Adidas size chart here

adidas Retropy review GY44870

adidas Retropy GY44870 red blue 1


The upper construction of the adidas Retropy E5 is what mainly brings the retro vibes. The combination of mesh with leather reinforcements is of course something that we’ve seen at the majority of sneakers in the ‘70. The adidas brand brought this look back once again while pairing it with the modern BOOST midsole. It is almost the perfect look for an everyday sneaker, offering a good amount of breathability while having the suede layers to make them more durable. However this setup makes it less of a running shoe, not that adidas was aiming for that necessarily but they surely leave a door open with the sole technology. What we’ve noticed during this short adidas Retropy E5 review is that they still do well in the gym. The design of the tongue adds to the retro looks, with a cork like pattern that compliments the rest of the shoe. 

Sole Unit

The sole unit of the  Retropy E5 features a removable reengineered EVA insole that sits on top of the well known BOOST midsole. Its shape is one to match the upper retro construction, with a pointy front covered by the gum outsole.Much like the Nite Jogger the density of the midsole is made for casual wear that delivers comfort and optimal support. Again, this is not a performance running shoe like the others made by adidas using this technology yet it makes for a decent gym shoe if you’re not planning to do much cardio on the treadmill. The bulky gum outsole makes the shoe more versatile to be worn on any terrain, it is a durable material that will make them last longer and surely adds some superior traction. The Retropy run true to size, if you are not sure what size to get you can check out our adidas shoes size chart

adidas Retropy blue red GY44870

adidas Retropy GY44870 red white blue

Bottom Line

To conclude our adidas Retropy E5 review this is a great shoe for everyday wear, offering excellent comfort and support for long hours. It is available in both men’s and women’s versions with several colorways available and many more to come throughout the year. It retails for $120, a price tag that is well justified by the quality of the materials and the technology adidas put into it.

adidas retropy e5

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